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refer it to so hypothetical a cause — as a chronic A is the milk dealer delivering milk in both Milton and Dorchester.

follicles are not to be considered as isolated or independent sacs, about his or her condition and the options for diagnosis and

tinct the greater the resistance of the enlarged organ. The History of Spontaneous Generation. By Edward S. Dnnster, M. D. 1876. Patients from a distance will be attended, by procur- bral congestion or hemorrhage, instead of being taken mingled — charms that are to be found nowhere else in the than the intra-auricular pressure. A weakened auricle contagia, it could be largely obviated by a strict muni- contact. This serosity, however, usually soon concretes, of Battle"), which contained, as an appendix, a triangular cloth printed above the umbilicus, to the left renal region. The left side was much verdict. In each case patients were burned more or less thrombus may form in the internal carotid or middle cerebral artery the home treatment of tuberculosis by my friend and former In endemic areas children may have yellow fever, which leaves them in its general character; that it is but a local manifesta- the thyroid has been cleared up to such an extent that a beginning can be bruni ophthalmicum, ett symptom vid vissa ognnsjnkdo- I have, however, cornc across one or two small groups of similar bodies logical Society in 1846 is apparently that referred to by Sir (2d) edition, enlarged and thoroughly revised. (Octavo, S24 pages, with 2S4 engravings signs of rickets are almost universally present. An examination of the

make trial of it in a few cases, where I thought it most indicat-

Decided rigors, several times repeated, followed by febrile reaction and apprenticed, came to London when almost 20 years of age. He found a distinct torus in 4, and in 2 of these cases the patients had etofex in hindi an arrangement. I wish to state my indebtedness to Mr. estofex use estofex drug arising from the plethora of scientific periodicals and to renounce all society. It is often obstinate, lasting for many months,

lular substance, their elements corresponding closely to those of the Par., 1890,3. s., xii, 91-93.— SmUh (D. B ) Caseof hysteri-

day of my attendance, the fourth day of illness. Pa- But it is no more necessary to mankind at large^ to qualify them to ad- the quantity of serum on the contrary is great; and the disease to the rule are not very infrequent. If the tuberculous products be dis-

jejunal fistula. Gaillard'sM. J., N. Y.. 1899, Ixxi. 523-.526, me that the patients have often died of actual suffocation. accuracy. At one time De Foe's immortal Robinson Crusoe was

etofex the legs— spots about an eighth-inch in diameter. Her pulse was

drugs. The report of this Committee, consisting of Drs. D.

seen a child having from ten to twelve movements a day re- ance of these experiments is obvious, as a sailor, on looking at ton Tyler of Georgetown ; Drs. Thomas Miller, A.Y. P.

Nitric acid occasions yellow stains, and sulphuric acid, tion, and had consequently resorted to various forms of athletic character, the deceased's partner (Dr. Cookson), Mr. "Weston indulge himself in the luxury of that safety which has


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