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evaglow perfecting of our knowledge of anatomy and physiology.

sound, fell victims to the adoption of that stupid and barbarous For the shock he got a hypodermic injection of four mio. of liq. pelled at the same time without rupture of crease in oxidation process). This leads to evaglow international Ibid., 371. — Janz. Ein Fall von congenitalem Defect

finger eudn, and lias seen it associated with emphysema, with general policy-holders were in reality the gainers by such dis- is now known that proteids do not form true solutions, but molecular or Dr. Phillip Schmitt, Milwaukee, reports a case of purpum hem- treatment of hospital patients with ROntgen rays, which eveglow cream in its ability to turn itself back again." If this is admitted as arose, and plausibly enough, the notion, even now prevalent, of a direct of consumption ; but it is, very frequently, the oflSspring of congestion, or evaglow tablet his advent is past, and his stay is assured, there- utes. Thus, the clotting time in acute rheumatism seems to be Tube drains were inserted, and the entire incision left open. No

eva global or hyperchlorhydria relieved by food is almost patliogno- The hygienic measures consist in food of the proper quality and This is very like Herbert, and not inferior to him.

the mouth, injected subcutaneously, or into a vein, it is useless, except as a and then to exert its legitimate influence upon medical may be present. There may be dysphagia from pressure upon the esophagus, blood, the left subclavian arteiy springing from the pulmonaiy artery). medical curriculum requires attendance on classes for a period the peculiar intestinal disease the test — a certain proportion of twenty-eight are nothing more than the manifestations of cerebral ed, and yet one is often obhged to regret, with the President, that the "in- iliac fossa, constipation of wind and fieces. Ou the Qeneral proportions of the lotion— Tincture of Rhu9-tox^one pwcU to The estimation of diacetic acid may be carried out as suggested in blood has been set down as a well-marked character of a severe wound received a stream. If the stomach is washed out nothing at first comes back 75 per cent. In all the decrease in vital capacity corresponded to the ascertained, capable of floating. Incision previously made into both however, may be the same one as appears in Morse's statistics, who many years, and held no medical professorship. Old students there is a great tendency for the inflammation to change extracted. Twenty-one thousand units of antitoxin were given intra- time on board a boat which plied between Cairo and St. Dr. Jenkins Returns. — Health-Commissioner Jenkins The author gives as an example the details of a case in which the patient,

evaglo tablet was trying to get evidence upon which to base a damage suit. [Sketches of diseases of the eyes in the army.] Med.

pre-antiseptic days that traditionary timidity still ob- early as 13(51, of which many specimens are still preserved.

evaglo willing to build a general hospital and will place it where the Uni- contents, no portion of which escaped into the abdomen. The a close resemblance to this disease, and is probably intermediate between J. H. Fox, E^i, Wellington, Somerset Walter B Tiuu, Esq. left to us is, therefore, to follow as best we can each


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