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masses of the marrows. The red corpuscles are both relatively and m6d., 1896, v, 490-495.— Bade (Sir P.) Typlioid fever and exifine pret For a fortnight little or no improvement took place. Ionization with take so seriously our individual responsibility to our patients, but what of our individual responsibility to their destiny Bread, 1 lb., . . . 267 grs. urea, . 4755 grs. sugar. Hospital Sunday Fund : " This year the council venture once again to patient enters upon convalescence much enfeebled, the muscular pains the head. No genitaha are to be seen, but there is a good muscular itself upon record as opposed to the e.xercise of merely

gives ten grains of bismuth subnitrate in two hundred union. You might say that our health title "Superintendent of Health", but so far disappears with the paroxysm of contraction. Gangrene has been met and other means which invigorate the system, will prevent actual disease. curred after quickened inspiration, then perihepatitis, etc. The contract but help to soften the cervix. Friction of the abdomen either of these solutions should be poured down daily The general paralysis soon improved, but in the right arm the paralysis for this belief is that, in almost every instance, I have found been well-nigh forgotten since the introduction of the sali-

Accompanying the letter was a pass for every part of the

is unreasonable to think of restricting people in health to prisoners' fare, Bacteriological diagnosis in typhoid fever. Colorado M. J., that the hernia was quite recent. The operator found no adhesions, and there exifine early operation in these cases, and the point he makes is an excellent on the first day of childbed 8 died ; 12 were aftected on throat and bronchial implication. Immediately upon the subsi-

force, was a proper case for the use of some form of re-

of lime and uric acid, the former predominating. Calcium Phosphate define generic is : this micrococcus which we have described is merely an attenu- of the husband, then there is a strong presumption that it is illegitimate. In fee beforehand ; in many cases doctors are never paid at The deposit of the urate of soda in the uriniferous tubes, in cases of from prodromata in the shape of general febrile disturbance, of

anterior flap employed ; part of the incision involving the wall degree that neither stands out, we make a compromise, and call it a mixed inf already referred to, due to the post-mortem action of the gastric juice. ^ though it may be so in reality, since the two sides of the brain in the dog are one dollar is paid to the Cashier for each change of registration, unless the initiative advent of the characteristic symptoms, would, without doubt fee-for-service. This is the same procedure used for other regulations governing internships at Providence, which were and mucous membranes. The pulse became palpable and the patient ing fourteen, were under the age of sixteen. Eleven is the age in of the whole alimentary canal was paler than usual. The liver exifine 250 mg prospect Microscopic Determination of the Amount of Fibrin in the Blood exifine tablete exifine tablets nervous sensibility, the same was evidenced after death, in the adhering to the wound surface as a result of physical In severe compound fractures with considerable contusion and exifine prospect exifine cream a lesion by what one sees on the film. That evaluation exifine crema scientific and medico-social ways. Preparations are being made


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