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of the left vocal cord being present ; (2) an example of
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standard all succumb, the natives suffering like others, and
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ure presented with a new train of facts. Their first researches
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still worth two in the bush. T>o the Commissioners seriously
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on without any premonitory symptoms, but in the majority
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aud his reply thereto, is described by tlio librarian as a very pleasant,
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other tissues, is at this time much more active than at later
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of the humbug of modern mesmerism lately published I
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As the administration of oaths, according to the new proce-
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country the more stringent, as a rule, were the measures
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an outbreak of diphtheria or typhoid fever in a country town
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of his work, which is undoubtedly a severe critique of Ilaff"-
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of motion on this subject, which he had intended to bring
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Canada, delegates from the various States of Mexico, and from
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and a^ once proceeded to give evidence exactly th3 opposite tt what he
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and face before meals and before leaving the works. No food shall be
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sioners to license and suspend and revoke a licence, and, as a necessary
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inducing the governing body of the Institute to reconsider
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was 1 o- in 10. A register was kept of all arrangements and of
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this very point, as taken from their official I'eport. Eulen-
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Chemical Papers from the Research Laboratory. By Wyndham R.
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tended, but was more prominent on the left side. Palpation
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fact, your contributor's " simple experiments " (as he is
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tact," and that it includes all the various sources of Infection, whether
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operation on the fifth nerve in those extreme cases of epilepti-
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which shone from Glisson's work-table almost disappeared.
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KUarkoff. This patent appears to have been approved by the Minister of
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cal Journal of Febi-uary 18th. page 'M3, col. i, last line, for " The Presi-
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attack ? or was it due to the atrophy and rarefaction of bone, which we
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stant association of proteid with lecithin suggests something
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prurigo secandi with which so many of the French surgeons
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cord by various authors, it is now pretty generally admitted
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witch and others was this : that its nucleus was possibly a
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showed some rise last week, and the disease continues at


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