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acini are widened. The muscles are grey in color, soft, flac-

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pneumonia in American cattle landed at La Villette, France, an

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a more or less typical clinical history. attended with difficulty. In case of doubt,

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thist, it would seem that it is employed almost exclusively in every

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each of my readers to apply Darwin's hypothesis of pangenesis

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agnosis of tubercular laryngitis had been Whether her cough was entirely due to

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Schneider and Buffard, Nocard and others found the try-

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disease tends to become enzootic chiefly in valleys and low-

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and of his learned Reporters, then indeed will a vast advance have

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he manifested a more lively interest in persons and things

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diabetic diet, and the bromide of potassium was prescribed in

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majority of the men changing their loca- knowledge of the applicant.

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Practitioner, 1869, p. 303) about the action of quinine on putrefaction, fer-

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Feb. 25th. — Hooping-cough every hour; worse at night; with

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would make an intermittent fever congestive, would make yellow

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external pressure. In regard to ventricular dropsy the treat-

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possible get their assistance in controling their most repellent stages. It is the father's

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muscular, and subserous tissues. The lesions in the liver take

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ing with all his might, and the master under whose iron rule he

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withdrawal of the stimulus of arterial blood. In this condition, as in

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upon the practice of medicine. We have also read the decision of

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of his fancy — having otherwise no real existence.

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known infectious diseases of animals. Descriptions of epi-

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verance of both patient and doctor will often be severely taxed.

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the diaphragm and causes a cessation of the spasms. This plan has

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February 7th, being no better, she was ordered half a- drachm of

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two globules of metallic lead, perfectly visible to the naked eye, and

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into crusts and causes the lids to adhere, especially during the

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improved milk for the nourishment of infants with the most gratifying re-

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understanding of the diseases affecting the friable, while drops of pus may exude from

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restricted to one or both testicles, the spleen, or some other

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from the bladder ; but that the same urine after free exposure to

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the constituents of cells and tissue will not queutly, perhaps usually, the case, it is

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propriate reagent, or whether it is subsequently added, there is no

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granulations, although they will be much smaller and less dis-

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the scapula, a few crepitant rales can be greatly interfered with, it is quite possible

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the animal follows in from three weeks to four months. Usually

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suffered since four years with arthritis general health of the patient could always


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