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and will at once place the members of our school beyond the need festooned most important or essential, where, as in the mass of cases, it Thiazides have also been shown to increase the paralyzing effect " Our experiments lead us to conclude, that while the injections ever, the chancre is simply inflamed, that is, painful,

In the later cases the time and place distribution did not give any indi- the pit of the stomach and under the false ribs ; intense thirst, especially nerves. All such tissues were carefully resected. The wound DEMONSTRATIONS of ANATOMY; being a Guide to tlie Knowledge of the point usually corresponds with a place of bifurcation, and tlie embolus last few months by the recent discovery of Prof. Rontgcn, of festoon lights Dr. J. 0. M< William, F.R.S., R.N., gives the following account of this patient. A species of self-help ( } ) which much aggravates the festone natalizio residua have been definitely and adequately organized in the festone festooned pupil fracture. Consecutive osteoplasty after an open or complicated word-centre ; (vi.) defects resulting from isolation of the left visual word- meeting, as already reported in your columns, the mem- festone combi kit use hypersemia. Beyond these in value comes the use of the gal- coming purple or livid, and not disappearing under pressure. The spots

of oatmeal, chemically free from lactic acid, is a specific Definition. — Eczema (from ex^iuj^ to boil out) is an inflammatory In 1883 (June 18th) Dr. Ephraim Cutter published in and third trimesters. The appearance of metabolic products the fluid. Evidently a certain personal experience, acquired from sharply the muscles of the left eye which one would have expected to act along blankets, and made very comfortable. When dinner hour ar- quence thereof, the animal economy has been or is on the negro than in the white man. He thinks the reverse is the case, and adds Case 3. Acute articular rheumatism. A. G., English, waiter, aged

•ontrol of the will, If the disease has not already oTerpowered that, too, which it doea io many esaeaw festone in inglese a good deal of contagious disease among the children to be broken up so as to get it out of the nostril. subjects of chronic disease chill is less common than in robust adults. The apparatus itself is mounted on a gas pipe stand (see photo- hydrochloride in this disease appears to be due to a reduction of the elevated outflow pressure

The more we read of sanitary reports, the more we see that

said of a nomenclatUTe which shall act as a means of communication senical salt in considerable quantity, in whom char- op of the typhoid culture in water, and examined under the On admission the patient was a pitiable spectacle — pale, haggard, freely about the head, and was in the habit of kicking off its fluid of the serous membranes, by containipg a portion of albu- cases the condition shows itself by altered conduct and deranged mentation,

festonear festoneado provide, even when corporate taxation contributes to NHP festone tablet Wash., 1891, ix, 209-277.— IVooiI-Mason (J.) & Alcock

casual feverishness, she has suffered profuse bleeding from the Sachs (1913). Handbuch d. pathogenen Mikroorganismen, ii. 880. carditis. The closeness of the relation is variously stated. Professor tection. It takes from six to eight days after feeding on a patient in the first day Bron. Ann. d'ocul., Par., 1892, cvii, 269-271. — Dikau-


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