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From a preparation by II. <>• Maroy, M. D„ Boston

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and eunuchism, 10 to 40 mg.. Male climacteric symptoms

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be detected in it. The skin moves freely over it in all

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patients, although a specific triggering agent may not be

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nation. There was paralysis of all the muscles supplied by

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excellent for family & recreation. 20 minutes from Univer-

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tained hypertension in later life. If this is true for children,

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rence of the Board of Trustees as the desired minimal sur-

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times partially; and at the higher degree there was, towards the bottom

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mucous membrane of the rectum, made several attempts to

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copy delivered to the Editor who refers the paper to one or

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The Council on Legislation continues its established

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joint, was unaware that anything was wrong with his right

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Whereas, recently there was a suit brought against a local

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Director of the Medical Society, spoke on "Current MSNJ

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to concrete ; and when the vessels act more weakly than in

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Tracheotomy having been performed. Dr. Hahn's " com-

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Having laid bare the jugular vein of a living dog, I made a

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used in articles should be identified. Acknowledgments of

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tion of carcinogenic effects of environmental chemicals using

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Case 2, who had a history of drug use (mainly marihuana

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the production of potential carcinogens; or, a diet high in

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tary of the Treasury from October 1st, 1883, October

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Notes. — ^The blood may be used at once without drj'ing. ^This treatment does

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No si)<n of fcecal obs ruction at the p.>int of

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affection valvular, is it due to diphtheria ? I do not think

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W'hereas, this administration will not allocate funds to in-

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dures”. NCI Carcinogenesis Technical Report Series No. 44.

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seeing a blue plexus on the mesentery, which at first indeed he

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issues. Examples of these include: (a) Use of the social

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Cardiac ultrasonography presently is a well-established

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tuberculosis, leprosy, and syphilis, the chapter on acute and chronic

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the original volume. (8) Add liquid pure carbolic acid 0*5 per

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failing action of the displaced heart. Paracentesis was had

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acutely as in other parts. Heat and cold were readily distin-

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4. Interprofessional Council (Dental, Osteopathic, Podiatry,

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there will necessarily be reflux, to a greater or less extent,

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majority of patients. However, additional objective

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Workshop for chairmen, chairmen-elect, secretaries, execu-

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