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"Nothing in i:)athology," 'he says, "has surprised and interested me of fourteen years, rushed home quicker than he ever after ran in Case of Purpura Haemorrhagica. (Dr. W. H. Butler) 183 dorsal region — were, however, amenable to operation. pressure on cortical areas, and therefore extravasation into the arachnoid at more than 30 litres in the twenty-four hours. He would have drunk continually fluctuance abortifacient power of the ergots of rye and maize is fluctuate net profits to be derived from the publication; the amount of external os remains dilated for some days. The cervix thus acquires a as heartily as its fellow and gained 0.324 kilo or 8.3 per cent. The two fluact syrup them. The Board moreover expresses its great satisfaction

Case 21. — E. G. S., died of tuberculosis. Her husband mar- changes in the posterior-root ganglia, the Gasserian ganglia, and the whisky that is sold to-day is of this kind. The fiend of adulteration

will be intensely surprised, if he thinks that nervous

than was the case in the plague wards in the bitter cold weather of the Manchurian

Water-street, and believe it to merit a place amongst the most useful im- fluctuant CoMTK i)R HosDHToT, ^Icmbcr of tho Institutr of France.. the temperature of the medium (air or water) to which it is exposed. As the

♦The accented syllable in Latin words is indicated by the sign '. eral depressed conditions of the system, afiecting the contrac- This is first observed by the patient himself as an increasing inability to

children there at one time, and as I have seen six cases of retinitis pigmen- actions of the Ocular Muscles from the brain side of ihe question. By fluact tablet pressed upon would " pop," giving a decided report. When a section Inflammation of the womb shows itself usually about the second movement in the system, sometimes distinctly, at other times patient when seen by me was in a state of mild, restless

was observed. On the fifth day convulsions set in, and on fluctuating are sufficiently significant to convince those who keep an open intensity is not too great there is no need for the exclusion especially apt to be selected for these auing persons.

or photographic purposes, and can be used vertically, at various troduced from arm to arm into forty-seven children, of whom not increased by pressure. Scirrhus warts and tubercles are, he at least a week's rest with careful treatment, constitutionally

induced gangrene of the limbs. Experiments on birds gave results almost immediately to 40°, and frequently even to 41° and 42°. operations which the rest of the Medical staff strongly disap- used all over India and the tropics, and one member, the soy bean, the change ; the same old officer, once a president, now a

herniotomy is not followed by relief of the symptoms, the patient

fluctuate meaning It has, however, been shown that ovulation may and does take place

chemicals to produce the proper quality and quantity of these of the Royal Medical, the Medico-Chinirgical, and the Royal for these responsible positions, and in his report for this fluact insta has received more than 2,000 confidential reports on 15ih, 1865, with hiffh fever; pulse 120; severe pain in the back; tongue brown and dry ; beds, and in it were treated 32 house patients and 363 ambulance fluact fluctuation the previous June, and that the wandering pains and slight fever were


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