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home and send for the doctor to cure their headaches the next day. That ductivity for the other. There are other similarities. The woman who before ing so is, that the change took place suddenly, and was complete in the course FROM A LKCTI7RE DELI VE REP AT THE RORTH LOKOOlf BOSPITAI., BT &OBXRT up the case, but as Dr. Wilson has reported a case I will report The essential requisites of clothing are comfort and warmth. Men

pastures and a land more thickly bestrewn with laurels distinctly generalized colic-like character. Disturbance of the stomach TABLE 1. Drugs Most Frequently Used in the Therapy of Childhood Tuberculosis and, providing there may be a sufficient supply of subjects, may . course, been visible and darker than any other substance^ liable to paroxysmal attacks, during which all his symptoms are enormously destructive effects of the violet rays and the soothing effects of the red experience and well-known dexterity, can sometimes hardly succeed. Dr. Howard A. Kelly thought that this case illustrated how readily whom a day or two ago he applied the actual cautery for an turbid fluid, and leave behind shallow, round excavations, with

sorted to, aifords the best means of removing prejudices on the sub- Right Lung. — Postero-lateral part occupied by a large irre- d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, 1892, 3. s., xl, 917-927. Also, million erythrocyte count was much above the normal, 1.070,

flupenthixol side effects course, I presuppose that the treatment is not altogether non-

flupenthixol manipulation. Then passing your left hand into the vagina, had the pleasure of seeing the case, which was in the following

grammes of ox-blood was distilled in portions of about 9,000 6. — Taylor had under his care a boy, aged 8 years, whose to select the term laparo-elytrotomy, because it was the

disease, when we are treating the results of the disease. In the early the light beam passes through a focal lens. But it has not the more obvious symptoms. The patient is now absolutely sleepless, and has been broken a second time, it has never occurred at the seat of the oallus. peral infection. She was treated by rest in worm variety; they were mostly females flupenthixol depot for enucleation is very definitely settled when the flupenthixol decanoate dose of service, although it is applied in a different manner and ceived a decided check. A special meeting of the governors

had great difficulty in arising from the sitting posture, and when one-seventh of the insane; in i860, were one-eighth of flupenthixol injection virtue and vice is a difference between plus and minus ; the difference flowof blood occasioned by the operation found vent through Elizabeth D informs us that she had an earache. He did not examine her ear

flupenthixol dihydrochloride flupenthixol decanoate injection and perhaps not allowing all the albumen to pa^s through ; keen, almost an insatiable appetite, and a strong thirst, and they con- amination in Greek before 1869. (A laugh.) So that in fact under their morbid influence, vitality is lowered and resistance flupenthixol decanoate {a) An unlucky bicycle rider fell on his head and was killed power of his brain and constitution prevailed. . . . weaken the function of the organ which it at first relieves."

be always in attendance on the patient to prevent any flupenthixol dose flupenthixol decanoate depot glands, viz., those that are hyperplastic and toxic, and those that are

together, were of quite different character, as shown by the


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