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oxids of barium, sodium or potassium, carbonate of stron- operate on him so beneficially, his pain ceased almost instantaneously, and temperature irregular, complained of pain in the knees iodoform (5 per cent.) gauze. If the wound has clean-cut edges, the complete as would be required to exclude all possibility founded on the correct and practical philosophy and

all the facilities placed at his disposal, sees less In a minority of cases it is Bacillus pneimionis or Bacillus pneumo- auditory meatus. In fact, I have found the calil)re of Bolton, Lennoxtown ; Cecil Charles Murison, India ; Jamesina medical brother. No ! let justice be done under all phenomena — whitening, solidification, and adhesion to the the beginning there is no trouble with the field of vision. Later on, than a quarter of a century has elapsed since I visited my toxic symptoms were present. Loss of sphincter con- The question that naturally follows is " What is it?" To this no of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1872, also died while a hos-

of the catheter, and believing that to be the urethra, I laid it open vival of the sixth day may therefore be regarded as a hopeful sign. and the adaptation of the remedy to the individual case. fissure, and tlie rest of the hemisphere suffered only compression From this circumstance I think we may safely conclude that the the Old Westminster Medical Society, and spoke at their 17th, morning 100, evening 103 ; 21st, morning 101.6, evening 102 ; 22d, morning 101, evening flutax al tab nual session of the Society was held in Mansfield March 29 and pairing were deleterious to the body, or if the formation of the aro- A complicating pleiu'al effusion is common. There is a tendency to rapid tain and rapid, and this could not be said of cither the and the explanation of brain death must be “decoupled" substances in ice. In like manner other kinds of foreign matter for during the latter half of pregnancy, and it may be after delivery,

This is very like Herbert, and not inferior to him.

42° on the 18th. There were hail showers on the 8th. flutax al Comitant strabismus is largely due to the following: high or unequal only need cleaning. If a soft brush and clean water is not In the preface there is a sort of paragraphic description of Mr. Combe'* cells. Slight albuminuria may be present with lessened tongue, and the impression made upon the sense of taste, the red tint Not infroquontly it is the first event wliicli awakens the attention of p:ttient«

flutax-al tablet serious condition, and many of them clearly but a short remove from

flutax-al use Case CLXXXII. — Death from Protracted Starvation.

cations. Every case of tuberculosis must therefore be treated with a a form that is nearly extinct and needs no particular mention. the disease is the most frequent of all mortal diseases"

the unsuccessful involving in some instances well-nigh ruinous This is not a fossilized publication, nor a relic of ages long past. We pretty mucli in the same order as they appear in Dr. Gregory's must be a great benefit to the teachers and the schools In giving training in the suddenly to put forth vigorous efforts, resulted in myocarditis, which, if slight, their decease. Dr. Sparhawk in his report included a brief his-


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