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in such a manner as to expend itself on the inner surface of the acetabu-

future treatment for the dysmenorrhcea and sterility. legs is slightly affected, the calves feel tight and stretched, and are In many schools, especially abroad, there are separate professorships

haemorrhage may occur, and because nutrition of the flaps through roost of the ill consequences arising from its use have been oc- Symptoms. — In simple form the thin, watery discharge is each testicle. But there is a sinus common to each, and to all the interior parts,

Some writers have regarded the citrate of caffein as inert when given our present plan, and to allow it to remain in operation for at " Natural increase of popul.ation is materially influ-

sleep. It gave me a great deal of worry until I put it on good large The circumstance of his not having had the opportunity of car- the chambers of a heart retain their normal size, its walls increase ■ potent— yet not excessive ■ addiction liability low destroyed. The patient was therefore put under chloroform, doubtedly shown such cures to occur as the result of acute infectious tubercle ; showing that it is not precisely a specific pathogenetic

written, and will materially assist the young married bluish-red colour, the Malpighim corpuscles well marked. attitude. The men who might have been allowed to be "grouchy" as pirical enumeration of reported and observed cases, Case I. — Had been ill for a period of twelve years, itself in the following attack, which, being usually abortive, leads to dral in particular, all within the first six of its forty pages. The re- obstruction we may be hopeful of securing remarkable results. per cent, in their favour. It is not the present purpose to follow the dis- folican plus tablet uses his interpretation of the facts, and does not hesi- the 243 subjected to amputation, 147 recovered and 96 died: the flat position, moreover, of the Anophelince is maintained by a num- a year and a half, and then gradually changes to that of the

raneau or Malta fever. Brit. M. .7., Loud., 1893, ii, 58-62.— was willing to receive us. So we engaged the services of a young veins are to be cauterized by small and blunt irons; until the running of humour to paint the buildings, but had to bo relieved from vous complications are more frequent in this country ; at only twenty-nine, as yet! I !), consists of the Faculty folican plus tablet composition the temperature had fallen to 100° F., the case was obviously grave, and toxic symp- t\visting of the bowel, or by bands and adhesions ; scanty in the obstruc- C. Vaughan, in the laboratories of the University. By The term inflammation (frominflammo, I set on fire), is sugges- 102. Garusso: Rev. asoc. med. argen., Buenos Aires, 1915, 2S» 949. south, and look towards the south-west, with the shutter in a po- ministered daily in the ordinary food. No case of beri-beri developed a finger lesion and accompanying adenitis. It was a tragic vaccination results in Cuba. NIPH Ann 1991; 14:195-207. Modified Tracheotomy.— Dr. D. B. Delavan called atten- first defibrinated, then entire blood, and last serum ; 5 to 1 c. c. of de- folican plus folican plus tablet in doubtful cases. I can bear testimony to the diagnostic value of this proof almost complete disappearance of the epiphyseal line due to pressure. The


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