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frequent; and, in Russia at least, trachoma, myopia, cutaneous

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orbital branch of the fifth pair on the left side for more tl

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especially at night; increasing deafness of left ear; vertigo and

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before adding the spirit, to place the liquor (in a bottle) in a

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to form. He supposes that there are cases in which, if the scapular projection is

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This capital diagnostic error is founded upon two erroneous

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when an aneurysm exists at the very commencement of the aorta near the

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and infiltrated ; and thus their course becomes indicated by red tumid

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symphysiotomy was undertaken. Separation of an inch was

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of the State I find that there are twenty-one practicing in Pennsyl-

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form, was treated with alcohol and decanted. The residue

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International Tuberculosis Committee. For details see footnote.*

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united effort by industry and labor to control medical costs

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been obtained without them. It is as important to know when to

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taking and is entitled to all the credit we can give him for dem-

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lbs. (100 kilos), his metabolic transformations will not increase in the ratio

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aradmoid, or the dura mater, in the form of a pachymeningitis externa

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(1) A water-tight tank, barrel, or other container, to receive and

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loss of muscular power, impaired coordination of volun-

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be very cautiously administered in doses over thirty grains. It

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Northampton, upon " Pathology and Symptomatology." He

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tion the next day yielded pus. A lumbar incision was

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eruption. The successive stages of the eruption are the macule, the papule,

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especially of the peritoneum. The urine is scanty, dai'k from the

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potamiis major, he ranged freely from all parts of the continent into the British

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body ; and I have more than once seen it attended with evident

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case died, however, and the autopsy showed that the sutures were inadequate.

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attack of rheumatism are part and parcel of this infection.


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