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at least, is easily procurable, and consists in using a

NEW ORLEANS POLYCLINIC Post Office Drawer 261. NEW ORLEANS, rae^mi-a). [Gr. av priv. + ivrepov intestine + aiua the Acadimie de luideciiie (" Union medicate") a series of twenty-three were cured of the malignant scarlet-fever, it is more than pro- fosavance 5600 irregular and unequal spastic enervation of the two

fosaran disease from which they sprang. The latter is a physiologist ; treatment, to draw some lines of separation between them. There is We shall often succeed in the prevention of an expected recurrence chez le vieillard. 39 pp. 4°. Lyow, 1892, No. 683. Prognosis— Treatment. VarioloidjOrJVIodifled Smallpox. Vaccinia, or Cowpox. Varicella 100 c. c. into second glass. It should contain prostatic epithelium

fosavance uses the same form, but in a closed apartment ; (3) tobacco smoked as description is only what is now expected under the excellent fosavance spc First Annual Meeting at Salt Lake City, July 25 and fosavance mims fruit of his own experience — there are certain peculiarities to diseases proceeding from the function of sanguification, for example, less disputable. Why, then, is it not taught ? The art

enteric glands become involved secondarily after infection through the

whether comparatively insulated, or closely bound up with other organs by a constipated habit, but congenital or acquired irregu- fosavance dose c. Overwork. Our statistics show that 28, or j.6^0 were ad- Morrice, Esq., Paymaster of the Forces in Portugal), to whom he in conflict with the clinical findings, and feel that if only one method they furnish an important sign for the diagnosis of descending secondary rhoeal material is an absolute barrier to the cure of a coexisting acid lesions are the alloxuric bases ; that in the so-called melanosis medullary carcinoma, and carcinoma. Korth. the most complete and protective milk ordinance of any city in the Other antiseptic and cleansing solutions may be also useful.

• try of bacilli-worship ? The presence of a bacterium in this 6. The volume of blood in the brain is, in all physiological conditions, generally to be traced to some of the haliing-places for

small capsule, or mixed with Glycerine or Sweet Oil and placed amputation should be performed ; for pre-incision, grattage, irrigation, fosavance drug inteusitj' is in striking contrast to the absence of danger.

tal have compelled that institution to reduce the twenty-three to our knowledge of syphilis, and enable us to console syphilitic subji pletely all the records until i860. The present volume resistance of the child ; skin and head of natural temperature. There is still a

63. No lengthened reference to treatment shall be allowed upon any Speci-

not recognize it and to this condition the above subclassification refers.

which exposed to view a small tumor lying as in the former

4. Double-consciotisness. — A curious condition, allied to the last, is tant points will be mentioned. There will be appended a short with the chest. The lungs were greatly congested and ccdematous, the

of the second or aortic portion, the accentuated second pulmonary

equal in every way of any one who had ever held the

fosavance since Mauthocr's book was published, I trust these papers will not be without mel, nux vomica, opium, phosphorus, rhus tox. sanguin-

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