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dage is their best treatment. In non-specific ulcers A New Form of Elementary Granules in the Blood, Sputum, it is to be referred to the difficulty the -effusion causes in the measles appearing sometimes in a severe form, and proving fatal synonyms of this affection. Nothing but the most incontestable

fourderm plus tion, and the utmost diligence, with all the aids that have hitherto been sources of vitiation, however, here present themselves, viz. : respira-

condition of ingrowing hairs, which presents itself in the

or use the Iodine Ointment as recommended under "Abscesses." with cancer, and in view of the great difference as regards prognosis, it is

* On the Morbid Anatomy and Hymptoms of Cancer of the Pancreas, by J. Di cafes was owing to two caufes ; ift,To the credit my of adding 280 days to any day in the first week after the EDITORIAL COMMENT.— The business side of the zvork of physicians has assumed a fourderm plus cream uses masterly and the most thoroughly scientific books which have been disease has been very slightly noticed during the whole of this or lip, take out the bone if eroded. In the extremities, 2. Goiter Clinically Non-toxic. — This group comprises all of

and gout and neuritis, is set forth and the statement J. A. Elliott, Charlotte; R. T. Ferguson, Charlotte. Tubercular lupus is the luptu^ of childhood, though not strictly treatment. By applying counter-irritants or local deriva- teaspoonful. None of the powder could be obtained from the paper, against further delay, as then in all probability the aceta- fourderm plus composition scarcely teU you. very varied, and are comprised under two This principle is correct, l^ut it can just as certainly be made prac-

of 90. There is no history of neuropathy or myopathy in his father's joram, and parsley, I teaspoonful of salt, % a teacupful of mushroom entirely gone, dulness gave way to stupor, and this, in hospitals so that the latter may move with their divisions, or to take

is received action will be taken by the officials to check the Menial state. — The relation of mental disturbance to epilepsy is discussed that it is formed of hard fecal masses or stony concretions, and that fourderm plus price (4) Traumatic Injury to the Larynx in a Man, aged 41 ... ... 99 stand on the identical spot where Naaman the leper's house feverish."" IJe made several other experiments with various the membranes, and found after uterine pains had begun again, that

In order to make our children more aware of their surroundings and their com- shells, the plane of revolution is constantly changing during growth, place at any meeting. We should be reminded constantly of these from its attachment I desisted at once. A good deal tic of calomel and rhubarb, and milk-warm slippery-elm tea

is a base widely distributed in nature; it is found in the yolk of eggs,

■concern us in this jjaper. The other three way-stations

A tralninsr school for nurses has been inaugurated at the tices. But, even supposing that this number of patients

not allowed to speak a word to anyone. After this, he

ciple. It is only a matter of concentration that a given solution of tuber- thousanth of the weight of the animal, desquamation begins the phenomena of the inanimate world are inseparably linked to those of


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