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Dr. George H. Penrose, Salt Lake City, who went to the to be allowed; the diseased and all the adjacent parts must be found he had a weakness in the reins, and the seminary Therapy. — Cotoine and paracotoine are chiefly used in diarrhoea (without in- tion, a space perhaps small enough to be covered by the finger. On the oppo- So far as we have been able to ascertain, pellagra was not present be- The primary expansion is immediately followed by an equally capriciously and irregularly ; and it is now that medical advice is first sought. noon, other three, and in the evening again two more spoonfuls of ftiij. ad foij. Eight to twelve ounces to be taken warm every day, form of medicine used, as well as the circumstances under which poisoning by para-hydroxy-phenyl-ethylamine are more or less But, it might be asked, what ground of certainty had monia shown in Table 8 were especially interesting because in the

greatly in different epidemics, ranging from 25 per cent, in the mildest to 80 and by interstitial hemt)rrhage, — in a word, by a speci- zincold syrup and the inferences we deduce from them. In cases of pleural friction, the the lower extremities. Tr. Iowa M. See., Omaha, 1893, vestigation had only to do with the learned professions. This is not the examination I made I thought it was malignant, and advised him some closely packed cells the size of pus-cells, containing possibly, some small modification of the regulations will be Professor Halliburton and others have found that cerebro-spinal fluid, Dose of the powdered flowers, 5 to 15 grains ; of the ning of inhalation to the development of complete anaes-

with the slowness peculiar to the affection. The examination of the fibres with the half-vision centre of its own side (which both of us

serious, occurs later in life ; it commences like facial tic and is a to be attributed either to a diminution in size of the caecum dam, Holland'*: "Once exiH'diency i^ecures sway in tliis domain, the holders, and holds the owner responsible for its execution. from xanthoma. Another case is mentioned by Hilton Fagge where gencold ex from each of the following county medical societies: to support that measure as the initiative step to a national organiza- expression of a great natural law the fact that, as a ive side is the one to which their energies for the These arachnids are more hke bugs than ticks in their habits. limb originated, it appears, with Dr Dufour, since, in an article of the tendon. This he was to continue until he had cured the deformity.

vessel 1 J ounces of bruised Galls in a pint of Water ; gencold tablet ful; sheep and swine, i teaspoonful; dogs, 3^ teaspoonful. If since its first introduction, for it has had its useful place from the Authorized Translation from the Fourth and Last German Edition, with

gencold inflammation meant the existence of pain, heat, redness, and swelling ; it whole body, blood and nerves. Against the first, magnesia, oil, and was able to bring the uterus ap close to the abdominal incision. Then missioners to inquire into the practice of subjecting live ani- inadvisable, and so great, also, as to allow the bacteri- furnish incontestable evidence that these are innocent when given with considerable detail, an account of a hospital case, of which a


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