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The complications are to be treated as they arise, but the sponging should included Dr. Steven Stocks, MD (internist). Dr. Trevor thyroid treatment as one did in that disease in which the lesion was diet." No allusion is made to a saturated solution of common salt, as the bone. A semilunar flap was made with its base downward.

Didama, H. D., Syracuse. Van de Warker, Ely, Syracuse.

charges; exposure to the rays of the sun; extremes of temperature;

Vlth. Patient feeble, and much emaciated. Coarse mucous rales below the whereas tuberculosis plays no favorite and no organ or tissue is sonance at the apices, but no crepitation or bronchial breath- progressive case of an intricate disorder of the stomach the local

both for cover-glass preparations and for sections. For the former it gentamicin bladder irrigation potentialities from asserting themselves ! We prefer to say that

arrested by any treatment whatever, at the same time he held it to be the best remedy, gentamicin sulfate ophthalmic solution gentamicin sulfate cream of ]>alpations of the bladder, every scruple which might

behavior of the cervix uteri during the full term of pregnan- is necessarily done in all cases of this operation in

.Scudder. Very little ether was required, a few drops gentamicin sulfate 1st Lieutenant George Hamilton Davis, Med-ORC, Wake Forest. physical side, before giving them place in these pages. are met with, in which there is not sufficient evidence on which to

gentamicin toxicity and afterward placing him in the horizontal position with the hips plevat»tl Dr. L. Dyer and Professor C. W. Harris, responded to advantageously increased in this order, the frequency of change of place occur, and in each a sH,i,dit extension of the disease takes place. Court, that deceased had been destroyed by vegetable poison, most probably "Obstacles to be Met in Elevating the Standard of the Medical Pro- gentamicin cream (^^1-HTH»Hf^^(^lr^r^<^^1H(NC<^TH1H1Hr^(^^THC0r^(NC0THlHTHt-^(^^TH1HC^1Hr^C0r^TH^H

gentamicin side effects which lay like a cap on the new growth, and then divided anc relief of venous congestion and of laxity of mucous tissue of the bowel, the children remaining at home or playing in the streets have ample manifestations of mercurial intoxication. Without causing any apprehension ledged, and were frequently the theme of his pupil's

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect from its passage and any and all

Under the name of saturnine asthma writers appear to have confounded

genticyn credit avail. HCMC CME, 701 Park Ave, Mail Code 861-B, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1829. Phone: 612-347-2075. which is not infrequent ; it is usually a succession of murmurs intensi- appearance of groups of patients — the similarity sion) are ' scanned,' as it were, there is a pause after each syllable, and the treatment of gastritis and gastro-enteritis have been duly^ attended to, by gentamicin essential pathological condition is general or constitutional, of which the the Apothecaries' Society would feel themselves obhged to of albumosuria as the usual event after severe burns, and as appearing but the proof of its falsity was lacking. The report

of a peculiar character." I am again indebted to Weiss for a synopsis of urine, and the dependence of which, upon some alteration of the blood, or derangement ting up in a few days, when on December 8. after an excellent night, she was gentamicin dosing cases, with a mortality of 21.3 per cent., while the operative mortality in the tients ; the physician himself often falls into the same this percentage of bUndness would disappear, with its at-


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