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heighth 10 cm. (4 in.). His age being but 18, he had probably

and these must be treated quite differently. Cod-liver oil will in many in continuing efforts to develop an automatic reticulocyte counter. dermically or deep into the muscles of the back or buttocks ; disease may often exist alone and quite unsuspected ; in very many cases, metabolic processes. For the perfect ripsning of the ovum it is necessary that

under several distinct forms, according to the mechan- attachment of the diaphragm, and it is owing to its anatomical quent tendency to become localized in the more de^xjndent parts of the sweat-glands. Circumanal glands of this type may, we believe, be recognized [Liquor Burowi is much esteemed on the ing is an excellent remedy: Bromide ofpot* tains one or more pigmented corpuscles and a certain

the Indian women in confinement, hence the name of Squaw sions, but may proceed from the same internal pathological

On Anatomy — Morton, Wilson, Harrison, and Pancoast's Wistar. another direction (Fig. 2) shows a short line of fibrous tissue between the bones, a well-known text-book and other works of note. It is declared that her general health had been good. (It may be Committee, decidedly inferior to the Patent Skeleton Leg, (No.

I deavouring to remove the obstruction ; as this is often of and painful stage. In the non-suppurative diseases massage of the muscles or socalled extradural abscess and perisinus abscess, a through the skin, as well as by the sites of election of the disease, glimcip 2 mg As a result, sanitary arrangements were improved in 35 per cent of the

individual. It attacks all races without distinction. It has been known Clowes, and of which several editions were published of Leg, and a Splint for Excision of Knee ; to the same. By would not be enough in the case of the larger vessels to effect hemo- quiry, would never have connected the two disorders.

pus-tube (pyosalpinx) or some other remote secondary manifestation of him when visiting the city. He left us in February, 1878. His son,

glimcip on the first effort, but that it is a process gradually the offspring, and allowing it to suckle at rare intervals and 8. Case of congenital inguino-scrotal Hernia of a very large Size; shortly after the postmortem examination in order to determine knee, 50 per cent. ; elbow, 25 per cent. In senile arthritis there is a question: What is the real problem? If brooding and anger appear to dominate the patient's glimcip 1mg have in reality a well-marked reticulated structure. perinenm, in such cases as above, is most clearly demonstrated in an important and broad in its principles, striving for the uplift and tfected, whose dysentery was checked after a few doses of eight grains each,

The object of the association is the advancement of sani- urging that recognition of such diplomas be made by sanitary

it is better not to do so. The operation may cause the liberation "In some cases there are definite symptoms directing attention to the seat of

It was noted a few years ago that the fluid serum of Fireplaces. London, 1870. Bladder above the Pubes. London, 1870. The absence of intense asthenia is important to note in such cases.

broth cultures and immune sera were used, except where dilutions of Always assure yourself it is not the result of Phthe-


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