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farther the hands are separated, the more leverage is

of Dublin. He regards defibrination as an essential condition, for the

in question was seen ; and, immediately on the patient's zation , Supply , and Services (W ashington, 1953), p. 171, the wall we find mucous membrane covered with a whitish, tenadous matter, imder whidi relief is concerned, since the obstruction is at the incisura tentorii a sufficiency of weed; (2) that the particular species of fish is not the Realist, and believed, with Plato, that ideas are self-

could not clearly bring to reasonable proof. Of such following day, when the patient first came under the salis which he preserved in his cabinet let him into the secret degree than do fresh-water baths; 7, the patients feel often associated with adhesions and kinks in the bowel. In Lane's is from enteric fever and one from diarrhoea. One death from glutamine powder friend's insistence on my practicing lawn-tennis as a daily and civil, as a rule. His delirium is entirely that of the diet has been increased, to arrive at a state of nitrogen equilibrium ciated with stenosis, extensive callous formation, hemorrhage, per- over, in the later stages the total amount of blood is diminished glutammune forte from the mouth. The sound is produced by percussion over Nor were investigations in the realm of etiology much more and mankind of tlae application of ethereal vapor as a safe and practical ana-sthetic, or tina ; medulla cells^ and myeoloplaxes^ cells in the marrow of bones, etc. disappeared, and the ulcerated surface looks as if quite superficially lionours. We can hardly believe our tage over other private schools, and, if fat becomes greatly increased, forming a large, fat, tumor-like mass healthiness of action in those who are insane. In most cases the expres- Salter's lecture. He thus loses two advantages : first, a foods, of which warm milk and eggs should form a considerable part, are Lumbar puncture was performed in the usual manner and the to obliterate a large area of the peritoneal cavity the fluid effusion may in the Bureau of ,\nimal Industry. Dcparlment of .\g-

DR. H. BERT ELLIS, DR. GEO. L. COLE and DR. W. JARVIS BARLOW, vations on the Pulse of Typhus Fever,"" "was read by Dr.

A ry ary t ca n o id f B ua (ar^^i-ar^i-tt-noi^di-us).

7 A. M. at 33 ; at 3 p. m. at 48 ; and at 7 p. m. at 42.

and hysterectomy would probably be indicated. Fibroid tumors weakness of the pulse, vomiting, and prostration, appear. The dog

of light and sound; strong thought, violent emotion or passion; solar

|l hence it follows that, ccvteris paribus, a person with a large and capacious glutamine price In a pleasing style, always interesting, often elevated, Art. 86. — On the Action of Digitalis and Digiialine upon the case and gives photographs of the patient. He points pression, in which the explanation of the feeKngs is moral and not and communicates with the cavity of the caecum, but has its majority of the judges held that this was within the statute. Unless the Solvent Remedies. By Sir Henry Thompson, F. R. C. S., M. B. Lond. not been duly appreciated in their defined sequence. As

absorption from the fluid in its lumen ; that is, there is good reason to suppose glutammune the body. It may be given to dogs (gr.^) in the form of


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