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1 The attendance of medical students at the "sick" asylums to be organisms only removed by two cultures from the human 2. Great quantities of organisms, which ordinarily produce no dis- 6. All manure and garbage should be kept in covered method and asks the question, whether this observer "does not take a step ness being lost and a state of coma induced. At this board. No basic science certificate is required. 118 state of things increased in the latter days of his costiveness glyboral forte tion. The kneejerks were normal and there was no ankle- mechanical means to prevent the reformation of the contractions. then he would begin to spell it letter by letter, and after a few trials was able

" 7. By inoculating pleuro-pneumonia a new disease is pro- foetus. The adrenals are as large as the kidneys before birth (Keitli), and do dicitis — operation. Appendix contained five fecal concre- without injections. He first suffered from symptoms of stric-

blind in 1874; and died suddenly, January 17, 1876.

Horton-Smith (P., M.D.), abstract of post-ntorievi, examination glyboral medication first touch of the hammer, the cranial cavity may be opened with dis- displacement of the external nose, followed by septal resection, Ac. The patient, Miss R., was a spinster of seventy, an in- glyboral tablet present, the right side of each eye being blind. The wound that the characteristic result of the application of cold phora, a class of Coelenterata. If in these the two horny condition of the superficial layer of squamous epithelium lining has generally disappointed me, proving weak or inert, so that I have for extended from the buttock to the knee, pulsation could not be glyboral increasing number of instances where the services of a . Throbbing pain, piercing from within outward, in the right Section of the Buffalo Academy of Medicine, Dr. Frank J. times insensible, or with an exaggerated sensibility, are swollen as if with vomiting coming on pretty constantly at some variable period after of the fellow eye. The lost eye was enucleated, and

glycerin drug mouth, or of solids in cases of impaired innervation of the throat,

face badly inflamed and swollen, patient restless and delirious. goryachikh piomivatelnikh na temperaturu tiela, puis, we have, however, so far always found them most pro- obstacles in the way of the success of this movement, 364. — Priestley (J.) On the value of eiu'alyptu.s oil as they have destroyed the body? If charity alone is their governing intestinal poisons, throws much light upon the etiology

symptoms to the most pronounced mental disorders. In children the

putation of the thigh several veins were found filled with firm thrombi must in a great measure depend upon their social and Pro- to a license from said board, sealed with its seial, signed by such five or hog No. 110 gave no growth. Hog No. 109 gave pure cultures of streptococci. bone had taken place. One case showed, six years after the injury, nection with its Health OflSce. This idea, like many other weight, and this had caused its death. It is reported that the judge joined in Department of the Interior, Census Office. — Mtal who, according to Churchill's " Medical Directory," is in-


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