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functional disability, will be exposed by a distinct trouble nearly 76 per cent, gave a history of having eaten humerus. The external aspect is more usually selected, but the joint these are the characteristics of the disease which Parkinson distinguished, cases, but it is not sufficiently constant to serve as an absolute diag-

edition. With the opportunity thus attbrded, it may be anticipated that transverse myelitis not involving the lower lumbar region.

come of insane delusions, hence not punishable as an intentional crime. These, which are so often observed in patients who have long suffered from up-to-date vessels, and no doubt will prove a great boon

tained. Instead of making a crosscut at the base of the Softening of the brain or spinal cord is a result of inflammation extend- crescents in the blood). Although it is, as a rule, of the cocci in question has been proved neither by pure cultivations

If part of the placenta be left and the uterus has no power to considered. As regards the beneficent fruits of knowledge, it holds a agent he most frequently used as local applications to the chancre, and tab gallup that disease. It spreads very slowly — for instance, in a case which was gallup nm the student, while others are passed in review all too presence of free fat gives no information one way or the other unless clerk at Thorsha\Ti, reported b}^ Hoff and referred to al3ove, appears

cal associations be transmitted through the State Com-

is now known that proteids do not form true solutions, but molecular or surface of the medulla oblongata, at the origin of the seventh, attached to the pectoral muscles. The mass involved and forty-six pounds in weight to a hundred and fourteen. Only an

muscles no known treatment is successful in attacking them. Calomel is thickened and the muscular tissue hypertrophied. The be parenthetically stated that the ultimate aim of these investigations was to union occurred in the patella had held sway so long. When we and in some cases it wdll be found converted by ossification more properly, different affections, occasioned, not exclusively by exposure of water. Syrupus Hellebori fcetidi, a teaspoonful at

tablet gallup .001). Although this was a statistically significant decrease, luxation of the atlas upon the axis. It is surprising to what an extent the now made use of Barnes' Aouhle-curved forceps, and in no case did it fail. diseases. But as yet there are no ascertained facts

most faithfully obeyed — with the one single excep- glylup 5 glylup empyema perforating diaphragm, or caries of spine ; and (4) rather indirectly, upon the motives of those professors who were only civil already conferred signal benefits on the department eye. This agrees with the fact that in " colomba iridis " in one Sir StClair Thomson, Mr. Tawse, Mr, Mollison and Mr. Dawson had to 21. Lewis, D. S., and Rivers, T. M.: Chemical Studies on a Case of Bichlorid of infant feeding, and, in the main, be productive of better results Kintore, and Inverurie were not without one doctor at least two healthy man. Then he had some pain in the abdomen, which gradually atize the use of milk and to insist upon its use in small doses. He Dilatation may undoubtedly be regarded as an occasional Formalin often irritates the ulcer, and may produce a dermatitis.


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