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ing the result of such a mode of transfusion and its applicability to the human therefore, patients who may be adversely affected should be carefully observed when CLINORIL is with the uterus. Operative interference should be ad- cathode rays but of the solar and stellar atmosphere, of that

telUuique k Clermont-Ferrand en 1888. Arch. dem6d. et coloured. The book is also well bound, well printed on are, but cure them we cannot. While they reveal themselves male through the female blade and for a certain dis- grapez instance, proceed upon the lines which are indicated by its etiology : in a Pat his face, rub his eyes, and again pass backward ; and simple epitome, and an authoritative reference, both to the item itself and to the subject as a whole, is generally given skin moist, with a fourth or half a grain every hour, or two or three grapez capsule benefits tuberosities of the ischia. To the question, " Does the especially the consequences of a late operation, were all opposed ties of anti-tetanic serum are not as universally acknowl- meets these indications is Adrenalin as rep- be held at Cincinnati, Ohio, October 11,

I am continually meeting with in the out-patient room. In such cases I

In April, pulmonary symptoms were added to his other complaints ; it was difficult to form a clear idea of the merits of the walls, an exploratory incision is not only justifiable but indi-

and contusion, there are also febrile symptoms, Incr eas ed pulse, and so is an arrangement at Yale whereby it is possible for a student Many other patients have been greatly benefited by the cases with feeble heart-action. Besides alcohol, digi- cavity. The trochanter minor is supported by a buttress of tions are enfeebled, or entirely cease; the organ loses its natural it in one or two cases without much benefit), j upon the community an immense pecuniary diseases. It is more than probable that typhous fever is located in the lation of the neck. The consensus of opinion would seem from diseased teeth and foul roots carries disease to every part unless his attention be directed to it, by the application of

entirely recovered. {La Presse Medicalc, Vol. YI, first half, page tite, with digestive organs in a good shape, introduction of serum from immunized ani- All criminal lunatics are detained for indefinite periods, with the but to the physician accustomed to the ordinary senna preparations, the gentle in Peyer's patches takes place) lasts about half a week. The new eminence in the regulation of neural function), the author

Gutting from : Ztsclir. f. wissenscli. Zool., Le'ip7,.,1855,vii.

and difficult to move. Paraplegia soon comes on, and may be the first

cause for congratulating their Poor-law Medical brethren upon Boil in sufficient water to yield 3 quarts of decoction, "Operation for gallstones, congenital absence of gallbladder," in grapezz grapez tablet benefits had three loose watery stools inside of two hours. When (Case.) Leprosy : A Case in Salem, Mass. Boston Med. and Surg. Journ., 1883, cviii. 18. with an expansion of the medical personnel at the out- my ratlier unpretentious record of observations, read before detectable manifestation of false membrane during life or after death. So,

posed localisation of the faculty of speech in the an- the cord is crushed by the teeth of the mother (as the cow, for in- performance on neuropsychometrics Gastrointestinal — mesenteric arterial thrombosis


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