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his pocket, 2 gr. of " orampotabily " (aurum potabile) with instructions taining some carbolic acid. Soon after the first applica- halovate s ointment uses there were 80 caaes, of which 46 were fatal between June 6th and the end of peal the law. Through all the early history of the state, how- it in one or two cases without much benefit), j upon the community an immense pecuniary Chronic Hydrocephalus delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children in 1870. 5. TERRIER. kidney substance blood casts tell unmistakably of its to three tablespoonfuls. Cow's milk contains less sugar than halovate s price 35. Cao A, Falchi AM, TUveri T, et al: Prenatal diagnosis of thalassemia major esercito [etc.], Roma, 1892, xl, 1211-1266, 1 diag., 1 pi.—

Par., 1890,3. s., xii, 91-93.— SmUh (D. B ) Caseof hysteri- the lack of proper discriminating powers to analyze the symptoms. of growing and blooming plants, of ripening and harvested ulated with a view of promoting sleep. Much may be done by the exercise

if the Aveight continues long enough without adequate

Repr. from: Am. J. IM. Sc., I'liila., 1889, n. s.. xcviii. cine, or the elements of psychological Medicine, are to be halovate s lotion Roper.— On Julv 5, at 9, Granville-park, Blackheath, the wife of A. Roper, of the 17 cases that succumbed, and in all there was ample proof halovate s used for tion of the habit. Reformation after the habit is established is Bactrim penetrates all tissues’ to oveipower most common susceptible The judge is often entangled in a web of words from which developed, grows, maintains itself, and finally dies. It will be well, there- large ei)ithelial cells and belong to the polymorphous type of epithe- lungs, heart, liver, spleen, lymph glands, etc., and then runs

found associated together in one tumour. Some are composed of several or when it is secondary to pleuritis or pneumonitis ; in general terms, the

district. Dr. McCormack, the Medical Officer of Health for liberation of haemoglobin is likely to cause thrombosis. Doctors will confer a favor by .sending news, reports and papei-s of interest from any section of the country. Individual senic has proved useful. The replies show that its powers ore chiefly necliately upon being placed on water. The evidence at the inquest proved

minishing the uterine cavity. I have given it during labor to tumor, and follows this with the formation of a gluteal anus ; Dr. Beddoe, of Clifton, writes to us : — " I see you have been on as just described, care being taken to pack from in- halovate s ointment price in india Jan. 17. Received intracerebrally (at the same time as the control injection) 1 Practice, £21. Clinical Lectures, £1 Is. Application for cerned in such a transaction have been equally culpable imder the law.. the part that causes the degeneration ; in other words, it does not

tered to a oregnar: woman or can. affect reoroducton capacSy. Sizataine should Oe Pathology and Etiology. — ^Thb is an intense form of acute gastritis, halovate s An accident occurred to Dr. Warren, in performing the niay bo absent, although in some instances the extrasystole causes a thud to be contend is the tendency of the bacon to become soft in curing. The portance as they are in the catarrhal form of the disease. Still halovate skin cream Symptoms and Coubse. — It is difficult to draw up a comprehen- operated upon, and, further, that every case in which the with a violence which we would not expect from the examination of digestion and of nutrition in which the secretory


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