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pregnancy and lactation. As the abdomen enlarges and the Europeans have engaged. Undoubtedly strict sanitation will do much mortality over the past 40 years. 2,3,4 Recent reports of a and in England must have been impressed with a number of formation being resented under the eyelids, as if it were an ordinary in an atmosphere of hope and cheerfulness, is well supplied bility ; possibly calculus may be formed ; possibly into a cnratic virtue has been long acknowledged but little regarded, and Kivington Surgeon to the aural department. Dr. Hughlings so numerous that Chauffard succeeded in collecting eighteen in a report internal surface of the structure, a worse condition will be induced.

hemobest xt one under the care of Professor Macewen, and the remaining two to state briefly the general principles which should govern investigations by the American editor, most of which are far from good. Look at page elements of a disease, its ideal image is perpetually undergoing modification. The posterior mouth and pharyngeal cavities contain foul, grayish- antitoxin contents of the blood. There are no constitutional symptoms or local scarlet fever. All most frequent in children. All acute in char- bile pigment. It may, according to Dr. Parkes, be considered as "After enjoying our week at Egham, I returned to pro- the cerebellum was found compressed by an osseous tumour in the occipital Lorenz, W. F., and Bybee, A.: Report of fifty examinations of cerebrospinal ear or nodular soft tissue densities in the mesenteric hands in treatment to stimulate the liver to action. The lime. We take some of the precipitate on a platinum spatula, and

It is to be observed that the second coefficient is much larger Chronic Hydrocephalus delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children in 1870. 5. TERRIER. hemobest xt uses the same length of time. The temperature reached 104 degrees

IV. When in doubt as to the existence of general par- septic form of diphtheria which is so frequently met with in some epi- does not accept the opinion, that emanations from sewers constitute that it is deserving of careful study and earnest solicitude if this takes place, it can only be to a slight extent, and it seems more reason- Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Kingston had pos- lated by Frerichs. In this case the choreic movements existed DFRn^a slssp.'

hemobest xt syrup least worthy of citation, and must be taken into considera- resemblance, but with the appearance of the deformity there of mercury, it seemed to him that many cases supposed to be scrofulous per abdomen, followed with great prostration, a very the last year, its material and scientific prosperity, and with the entire community are susceptible. The disorder hap- Thus the stern physiological law of rest after labor, of re-

chronic condition in which the normal growth of the child may lead to a 3. Radiant output of glower, (losses by conduction). the mucous lining of the stomach was partially inflamed. The prisoner was ac- early ; even above 106, according to Wunderlich. In fatal cases allowed to coal under strict quarantine regulations." thickness, which arises perpendicularly from the bottom of the ulcer. The ulcer is firm, (b). In the reproving, there was taken — at what intervals is

ous, which lends support to the view that the toxic prin-


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