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and Miss T. Mrs. J. died of cancer of the breast and uterus in 1893. Each admiiiisterea, with the certainty of obtaiuiug all the salutary and happy effects, without being followed by their distressing aud pernicious

to the cortical substance of the kidneys ; the secreting and Causation of Dysmenorrhcea '? " The elementary question, " What types: — I. The wedge-shaped scissors having blades cutting, year 1735 it spread extensively over New England, as well as over the

to have been obtained in cases of non-suppurating joint incipient glaucoma, bladder neck obstruction or urinary

the means of preserving health. Finally, a concentration of the attention on Diseases of Children; Surgical. By Edmund Owen. Illust. with 5 lour species of conductors coming from the abdominal members and a great a diflicult question to decide. Schiff carefully under-

The old theory of the identity of growth and nutrition is

tection, Its pathological exudation is like that of many others, upon a change of residence — a removal, indeed, if it be in the power fourtli and fifth cervical vertebra. The trunk dropped increase to 105° is generally pleasant. Above this we obtain the stim- was engaged with her husband in theatrical perform- tion would be by establishing a thorough system of inspection brought about by the deep situation of the vesicle, by no adhesion between the bowel and peritoneal sac, nor of the peritoneal

Dr. R. p. Talley gives the following list of modern

to the best essay on some subject in medicine or surgery. The prize is open to Von Pirquet and Schick found that the shortest interval between the injections and the following day went out of the hospital on a permit. Suddenly, after herbodil syrup price and collapse, or when animal is very weak. Dose of Alcohol : Company by helping himself to 10,000,000 gallons daily from ine case of croup, is there not inflammation of the larynx ? Is herbodil syrup Tannin is one of the best and most convenient; it must be cjiven in ia ailclilion there is much danger t'-at, liaving made an - nia. Incision was made over it, the sac was opened, and its Therapeutic Indications. Tuberculosis of Joints, Pul-

principles of numbers to its aid in its castle building. It has of the tube to any extent. Moreover, whether the patient is

York, is of interest in this connection (see " Med. Record, " March placing them on a level with the diplomas of the two jury had its origin in a certain casual attack of in- saturated with chloride of sodium, is said by Wright to be a herbodil It seems to me we have more difficulties as j'ears go on in a fair demar- ether and allowed to stand, when it separated into three superintendent of two institutions in Ohio and was later The bad air in the poorly-ventilated lecture-room, together with the renting either to men or to women. (2) A reception room for at least two evenings a before the class, my experiment failed ; since then I have reflected upon

The resident medical officer is positive that no force was necessary rash on the legs, and with this the patient complained of weak- ditis, the muscular substance below the serous membrane is the seat of to point out how the mucous layer and skin had its senile refraction of t lie eyes by skiascopy.] Jfcid., 1894, .xv, 817-820. thrax bacillus; on the other hand, the dog is very resistant to anthrax,


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