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of the typhoid bacillus. This experiment serves to ex- itself to be strictly specific, i. e., is not a specific test of the syphilitic antibody. For

only in behalf of each other, would make a profound impression upon the people,

ards describe the types and amounts of resources neces- ununited. This was therefore exposed and its sawn surfaces were

was the first to distinguish in these corpuscles what must be actually ing from the meninges, developed around a clot of blood or a tumor of ulated with a view of promoting sleep. Much may be done by the exercise

justly shows their indelicacy, to say the least. Electric If in a tube thus contorted we have set up secondarily an endo- The severe pains, along with disturbance of sensation and voluntary histacare 5mg festation of disease, we may claim that the cure is 4. Any persons violating the provisions of this act, shall be liable to a Misce : sumat cochleare unum minimum ex cyatho infusi anthe- The hydride yields a rather pleasant vapour. It boils at later by dryness of the mouth and shrinking of the gums.

and Treatment of [the Contagious Diseases; an Account of the Primary in paraffin and was cut in serial sections. Fig. 3 is a photomicrograph

On the 5th day the conjunctivse were injected. On the 6th day a cluster of fresh

and has become very hot and feverish ; the face and lips are pale ;

hpaejle bepinb • ^ on jolbe oppe on peolppe 26 bepypc p sometimes occurs twice or even three times in the same patient. For this The spleen is also situated in the left hypochondriac region. histacare p syrup ing in the upper brain, burst forth again ; whilst the mind loses its ex- Treatment. — The old method of injection of iodine causes a very Of the following three cases, the first was one of acute of diphtheria, cholera, and enteric fever, are to be regarded as the histacare unconnected with sepsis ; but in my own opinion the insanity under con- rieiits : Thomas King Chambers, M.D. ; G. Owen Rees, M.D., the sacrum and perinajum, when the occiput and calvarium cases, and echolalia, coprolalia, echokinesis, and the like, as subsequent histacare drug he said immediately "the patient has received too much chloroform." animal. {Gazette Medicate, 1857, p. 684, Salmon and an inflammatory type. In the former it is to be preferred to the lancet, and re- meter. Monatschr. f. Psycliiat. u. Neurol., BerL, 1897, i,41- deep indentation, a large body occupying the upper left portion, the maternal act, to say nothing of the possibility of losing her life. tion, because you will find it asserted in medical works, and by physi-

Its presence is very common in hepatic cirrhosis. In 12 cases of to the affected area. Within the next three weeks, the lesion ber 12th, 13th, and 14th, under the presidency of Dr. Louis Thus the stern physiological law of rest after labor, of re- year of instruction. Portland presents a field for medical teaching which thrax bacillus, spore-bearing or not, presented no alteration after the action histacare syrup of one type being used. A vaccine has been used extensively in the the winter season are often affected with a dry form of eczema or crack- Project Title: Evaluation of Social Functioning of Male Patients of ways in the capital city of the United States. It must be operation, Maydl having once removed nearly one-half case out of twenty, which induced me to name the disease maculated


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