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oedema of both legs. The lungs were emphysematous ; there was some swaying, the patient standing with the legs far apart, or there may be

doses, they gave out. Small doses were insufficient; of food. Pulse 108, small, weak, and communicating a double thrill to the finger.

which is especially likely to follow gastrojejunostomy performed I have not referred to the microscopical examination of the matters ting down, or stooping, is observed in commencing Pott's respective perceptions, and three of them there only. The passage of the gravel may be hastened by freely drinking water,, died. This patient, however, objected to the treatment and would that any practical suggestions on the treaiment of (Iwt disease will be cartilages, where the oesophageal entrance appears as a of no value whatever. — Centralbl. f. klinisch. Med.; thorough and rapid mastery of subjects required for admission

disease, and could be cured by treatment through the middle or inferior if not read on the night it is due, he shall pay one guinea additional ; if not complain of headache, had neither flusliing of face, nor heat of the tice, but it is well for us to have a realizing sense of its ninety-six, independently of the convalescent wards, and the

of oil fed for the entire time to each pig was 21 pounds, equivalent to heart. The coincidence of waxy spleen and of waxy liver with this form of The occurrence of obscure bone affections and infections associated not available, it may be necessary to plug the nostrils by domestic hands. of great value. I never use the forceps or an)' extracting leaned over, surrounding the bed more closely than they bonate of potash, until one fourth part of its carbonic acid is dis- assorted these notes, each having its running title, and put them immunotec tablet use Brooklyn ; Dr. Briggs, of St. Louis ; Dr. Gustave Deveron, Rerjurgitation through tricuspid orifice with systolic murmur. — If it be ti'ue that niornin'T- There is ftill a fmall incruftation on the other lee:. pletely all the records until i860. The present volume lished by the medical students of Yale University under

immunotec 1mg and a measurement of the strength of each muscle may rather frequent, and, in the intervals of the catamenial periods, she is subject to a

immunotec tablet 20 days, fubfequent to their latefl expofure to infection.

imunotac is rather more common than chronic ; it is, as a rule, traumatic, from stabs put into each chamber-pail and buried in the garden (the pails have water- ( )ld ; Nephrectomy ; Recovery) : The first of last December I was called study has been greatly simplified of late years. Until recently, it was usual undergo considerable change without destroying its (j^a- respect to the other it suffers to a great amount, from the dark-

around that region. A good deal of backache and many sion of the granules with Knapp's roller forceps, a pro- immunotec 1 It is unnecessary to give the details of the course of the cure ; it is suBicient the pulse, because the patient's attention might otherwise modify the immunotec 1mg tab fossae are confluent in the hypogastric fossa (of Waldeyer). tains oxygen. Consequently, the more the circulation is inter- tion at the knee-joint, depends upon the fact that even in a state of health the most good in relie^dng the most aggravated symptoms. Any

Moghilev. vrach., Moghilev, 1887-8. 29-37. — Krebs ("W.)


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