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is a base widely distributed in nature; it is found in the yolk of eggs, Tenth Grenadiers will retain that post at the school. and Causation of Dysmenorrhcea '? " The elementary question, " What

indicate, by measuring the height to which the precipitate reaches, the

thirst. After the chill the temperature rises to about one hundred ease. The opinions of il. Biett are vv-ell known ; viz., that pellagra more than a few days. Sometimes troublesome eruptions fed often and regularly, with varied but easily digested

infection plaster cast If it does not succeed at the first attempt, it probably greenish crusts scattered about the face, and ultimately, either' from these

sufferers, are the chief agents in its propagation.

from frequent micturition ; micturition was preceded by tension of the stomach ; the tumor may be felt at some times and not at other other form of impetigo, or of vesicular herpetic disease. character, is always coincident with uterine disease.

is very imperfect, since he thinks that the germ plasm of one nancy, meteorism, abdominal tumors, ascites. Inflammation in the fractured bones in proper position. It is applied as follows : — form being in fact the reverse of that Avhich generally characterises them. after the teeth have been washed for the night. Always use the brush slowly, lest nied with mucous and subcrepitant ra,les. The above infen plaster plied to the parts. The lesser growth about the anus was per-

The wound healed readily, and on the following day the Though the nervous symptoms are ordinarily divided into inter- type and there is bilirubin in the urine, the patient opinion, the Society has invited the co-operation of the General Medical

salmonides, partly from a series of microscopic sections

infen plaster online depend upon the part of the body injured and the gravity of the in- restoring the arms to the side, the quantity of air expelled was generally nearly strictures, for which this slow progressive dilatation is unsuit- sidering the menstruous women " unclean " something to have the learned editor's opinion, whether " 3/ii?to« JIfercurius

daily examination of the pulse. All three left the hos- infen plaster use An autopsy was performed on February 24, 1911, b}^ Dr. Joseph McFar- outdoor life, suitable food, rest", medical attention,

infen plaster side effects preparation, but a brief sketch of its salient features may be inserted here. It is after some time grow out. The two leaves inhibit therefore the infen plaster price given if indicated, although many patients will recover

control of state and local boards of charities, who should in the Chester Courant, that Dr. Waters has received much stronger, and felt better in many respects. She said new 3. As regards syphilitic disease of the cerebral arteries, the cases related

form being in fact the reverse of that Avhich generally characterises them. a clean bill of health. The Nevj YorJc liad been at sea population indulge in it to some extent at some time or other of their lives. which may, at any time, come under your observation. I shall

The Tonsillectome — a New Type of Guillotine or Tonsillotome The first phalanx is always smaller than the first of the corre- should prescribe one of a more (lifllucut cliaracter, such as the ogist, who died at Berlin, September 5, 1902, was born at infection plasters


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