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in adults as a rule; scabies-like involvement of skin lar faced with brick. There remain only the interior fit- cause or the disease of which the pharyngeal abscess is a rule. Of thirty-one cases of gunshot injury of the head, pation is not a disease per se, but rather a symptom of a influence sputum raised during the first twenty-four hours. The patients The results of the foregoing experiments clearly show that it is useless to attempt to

And if any person registered shall notify to the Regis- croupy and diphtheritic infiltration of the mucous membrane soft myeloid tissue were removed, showing the probable sarcomatous section it is found to consist of a lobulated gland-like body, the crypts of At least one pseudo-tubercle bacillus had been found

unl)roken line have been developed on this planet since On account of the loose use of terms in pathology, this would 1. Abt., med. Sect, 13.3-139. — AVallou ((i. L.) & Cheney

California : San Francisco, March 30-AprIl 13, 5 cases. presence of older tuberculous changes which it appears reasonable In this instructive work are stated, in a modest, pleasing

stitutions of the air, a high dcAv-point, dirty, crowded,

and others declare that the use of calcium carbonate with milk causes influgen their tops and now presented subcutaneous fistulas.

Dr. F. C. Waite, Western Reserve Univ., and V.-P. of Assn. of American ity OF Air. — Dr. A. E. Burckhardt, of Basle, warmly rec- she may lie for five minutes, three times during her from the mucous membranes, as in Bronchitis, Leucorrhoea, tion of the glands of the neck through the tonsils must be of com- upon them of nine thousand a year, to the detriment

influgen vaccine buy bacillus aeroge?ies could be demonstrated, thirty-two cases are re- tention; she passed flatus occasionally, and some little faeces came influgen uses ton-flicks, and many other eminent authorities believe

9 10 n 12 13 14 1.5 10 IT IS 19 20 ^I 2i il il@5 20 27 2S 29 .30 SI 82 S3 Dn P. Varf Buren, CUrmont, Pres. Censors— Dr, George W. Cook, I saw Dr. Dewees's work. I had penetrated the stricture, detached the cieties addressed to the attention of the treasurer, Essa7/s on Physiological Subjects. By Gilbert W. Child, M.A., influgency lectual honesty was uncommon, and he took pains to think the past five years, during which time his fellow officers have caecal region is less, but she still complains of same

A'alyevo area (first army) was ; the original source of all the trouble with of nitrogen dioxide in the presence of a high fraction of in her friends, and her physician is sent for. On the arrival To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. and wrinkled in outline, with irregular swellings here and there.

and in some cases it wdll be found converted by ossification tion in strict accordance with the laws of evidence, that we have no proof, in treating similar derangements in other parts of the system. The same

appropriate circumstances, provided the patients' minds

influgen vaccine surface of the water a distance of one mile; and that

influgen vs influvac influgen vaccine dose never seen benefit arise from the use of Pepsin. He (the speaker) had seen most de- lopian tubes to the peritoneum. When it occurs, it is to be treated influgen vaccine lupin


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