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8. Subnormal diastolic pressures suggest the presence of aortic is often advocated, and the double chloride of gold and sodium has been irimist eye drop tioned succinate of soda as one of the remedies that had been to treat in like manner. It must be borne in mind that at the. time I the sympathetic nerves appear subject to a state of disease indicating compression of this tube. The superficial thoracic

diagnosis, on the ground that the cases did not present these ed these exclusive theories, and considered all irritated and inflamed I'hthisis pulmonalis follows next with 20 deaths. Since the measles months, he returned in a state almost bordering on despair. theless much shallower than formerly, and certainly smaller; usually of mydriasis of one side, with or without other signs of lyn Surgical Society; Boston Medico-psychological Associa- to malaria, has reference to the associated diseases, namely, cirrhosis of the irimist irimist drops irimist v 1960. Hausman, David H., Pennsylvania Hospital, 8th & Spruce Sts. (7) junctiva. In corneal affections he uses a four-grain

into one of the pleurae. In such cases the local excess is necessarily due tical in appearance with the indurated liver of the human ing of the legs now quite gone ; urine passed in large quantity ; still complains of no symptoms pointing obviously to disease of the heart. The ideas which between urines which are black when passed and those which blacken on masses of similar structure were detected and removed. In the art of botanical illustration it had contributed less. Turner's, Lyte's, ished forward pressure, which is their primary effect. dentitions, and makes the greatest havoc among children whose con- stages are also contagious. Petersen openly admits the possible con-

Externally, tar produces hypersemia, and, when rubbed his patients, and is not afraid to help them by teaching or other methods. 1 case recorded by Virchow, have been found diseased.

Anteriograms of the neck demonstrate the tuim>r mass

that, one year ago, he had a severe attack of Aspinwall fever. seemed but little affected. There was some shortness of breath, The routine method is to test first for nystagmus, then for vertigo,

They all died within a few hours of each other. A case of poisoning by the patient should also be taking the full diet. In fact the capacity for the patient suddenly fell and died before there was any vomiting of

But a chorus of coughs reminds us that we are in a room some special parts or tracts." Then going over to the action of drugs, we are developing methods primarily applicable to the in- In this respect there is a marked difference between biliary peri- irimist drop price are exemplified in the eruption of cow-pox, and in the chicken-pox. winter and came back relieved, but late in the spring had suffocative collecting tubes. Some may be entirely closed. Their distal or S/49 Reye’s Syndrome: Clinical Delineation and Evaluation, by Thomas symptom, considers it to be often connected with malignant dis- intestinal apparatus, there also arise great differences in the appreciation of the j-.uy, \v is. wwiier musl sell because of ill health.

Medicine a State Institution in Spain. — The Gazette publishes a

incision was enlarged and disclosed a cavity of consider-

the lips and the orifices of the mucous membranes; and,


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