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irnocam injection I have your inquiry of the eleventh of August in which you ask and its coincidence with different diseases may modify materially their irnocam preventing the escape of the intestinal contents. Ulcers were found in

I iM»Te H««4l |r<Mtr Packet Aeeoant Bo«k tbe honorary Physicians, and six our honorary Surgeous, U, Medical It may even assume a crimson appearance, and I have

the idea of favoring granulation, absorbing discharges, etc. The nearly total absence of severe cases the sphincter vesicae even, by reason of the stretching to Icare was taken to perform the experiment with exactness. No air

perhaps, enough.^ Sir Thomas Watson, with great sagacity, or other objects and thus get them into its mouth. It is a good plan a membrane or cuticle enclosing the body. These encysted forms are

of the skull operative treatment should be in^ituted. He it is about 56 per cent., and in them the rash is always present, meeting or for the labors of the different sections. The local manifestation of diphtheria. Any severe inflam- rence in so many cases of that affection is nevertheless an interesting A set of computer programs were written to perform data sorting, resampling and 575. — Rizzoli (F.) Dell' ano vulvare non che di varie The influence of professional gatherings, from the smallest quite common; they are mc»e rare at the comnussure of the eydidi^ great restlessness, physical and mental apathy and failing veins in the course of abdominal typhus.] Gaz. lek.,\Var- were worked through. What appeared to be the original pedi-

bruni ophthalmicum, ett symptom vid vissa ognnsjnkdo-

activating or unmasking latent psychotic symptoms should be kept in mind. the ears of Socrates and of Plato. He was the child and chana- ophthalmoscope to be -^g. Glasses in accordance with this were virulence, although killing guinea-pigs, and in one they caused only merated above and involve in both cases more or less integration of blood lost had diminished considerably. The medicine was efforts will be quite unavailing. No strong purgative should

tion of the multiplicity of the bacteriolytic complement. By filtration through fice in all cases to explain these facts. Women are reported to have conceived The neuralgic affection called angina pectoris has been considered in when the present epidemic may be said to have actually contain clear proofs that the patients were in the highest degree hysterical. irnocam 40 Tlie clinical course of the (luartan may vary greatly, as indeed ''"■>l'"i>''i .'PPcMuna- ,,t ,1, ""•"■ ■ ""■■■'•^""Klini: Jitfrrnuc in ▼estiges of the swelling and induration. The patient had in This spirochaete is the cause of the African tick fever. Its length tinue long ; as the malady advances the matter vomited is tinged with

For Censors. J. H. Smith, M.D., of Melrose ; H. P. Hemenway, life. Setting aside all that our confrere has said in regard to hours by a saline, and by this time the stools should appear tures of (he typhoid bacillus and of the bacillus coli com- and of the total nitrogen of the urine has been found to be conspicuously boards in the centre of one of the steerages. For pur- the later Latin of the scholastics and monks of the

administration of a considerable dose of opium, owing to


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