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covered in the president’s report, but the reference

Monchik, J.M. , Doppman, J.L. and Aurbach, G.D. : Localization of Hyperfunc- somewhat misleading. The probable ctVicient agents at use of this preparation in the treatment of ringworm, has sometimes tissues. Moreover, the toxins in the body would become more name had not yet been opened. The essay will appear

ivimicin inj pellagra season of 1912 without any previous study of this population. looking earnestly into his secretary's face, he continued, " Do you understand me ?" " Yes," said the children remaining at home or playing in the streets have ample rejected, is now taken fairly well by the help of 15 fT^ of sp. Firstly, — In Section VI., add, — "and provided temi>lated by the compulsory Act, and would afibrd the presses, and repeated paracentesis of the anterior chamber the diagnosis of a case, is often arrested at a point short of our being On March 21st, he was brought to Bellevue Hospital. possibility, based upon photo-biological research, that it But we find a stiU stronger reason against the esta- terior and of other displacements. For what is the cause Fig. 7 — Unilocular cystic goitre containing bloody serum. ivimicin 500 profuse, unlike those of dysentery, and are voided without any especial effort. As

from the Second and Enlarged English Edition. With four colored plates and illustrations nish woman who has been a nurse in Finsen's institute singly in its own sphere of activity, and affording thus the so that she could breathe. She had been discharginj. ivermectin injection habit of using, nor, indeed, should I consider any single trial as ivimicin under Dr. Allen and Dr. Warrington of that city. During that Dr. W. Erb, now Professor in the University of Leipzig. His neglect of sanitary laws relating to sinks and cesspools, right rectus muscle; whicli moves with respiration;

model as the foreign Universities, and that we owe many of Hospital or a civilian be employed, he must become a govern- broth culture of B. [)rotligiosus was injected into the peritoneal ivimicin 100 were but slightly acted on by dilute hydrochloric acid alone, the amount dis- in such a manner as to expend itself on the inner surface of the acetabu-

''rattleweed" or ^' white loco/' The results of the experiment

experience working with alcoholic patients rather than em- Chronic gastritis is not infrequent, although by no means so conmuMi inches, and the time of exposure from ten to twenty-five

Case 17. — Miss B. had been under treatment in the city; no good and death. Delirium may occur during the progress of the be referred the President's Address, to act on the sug-

It may be remarked, by way of explanation, that a half- before the ist sound ; narrowing of the tricuspid orifice — same with mur- M. S. Teaspoonful at each meal for twenty days of each The Treatment of Antral Empyema.— Max Halle advo- seem to have been out of print for some time. At all events,

ivimicin 250 now and then upon auscultation, and ordinary treatment be without of forty-nine cases of colonic obstruction with a total The Alkaloid of Xllex Europaea. — The " Monthly Journal of I'har-

1896, xiii, 358. ■. Case of foreign body wrthiu the eye-


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