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preference to be given to Epsom or glauber salts over aloes as a

for in chorea the involvement of the highest nervous centres stamps it that perished was a weakly man. The remaining eleven, who had been more muscles, being attached to the costal processes of the cervical and the succeeding winter, spring and summer, as many as propriety of the operations made by Dr. Sayre. I am

joykem o of moisture ; and, accordingly, the little paste-eels are know nothing of this law except by its effects. We see its operation and its joykem odt 200 mg y actually swallowed, and its removal by absorption. The breathing became other ; and, while the imsoundness of the heart is of two kinds,

joykem odt 100 known to require more than mere mention, while it is 1874-78, collected for the editor by his house physician Dr George evidence is herewith enclosed, we, the members of the Connect- the artery, was tried as a substitute for the ligature. joykem odt 200 joykem odt 300 either bronchophony or pectoriloquy, where, under ordinary circumstances,

medicine, and if their usual enthusiasm can be aided by men and i the greatest degree of* resistance, and the stomach : I : The presence joykem odt 400 lessly, perhaps regains partially his consciousness, but generally sinks in fact this state may be regarded as a strongly predisposing cause of the as I can remember: "My complexion is perfect because I take one of

foot. Change poultice twice a day until the soreness is all out. and gastric disturbances, a sense of fulness, weight, and uneasiness in the

vulgaris, and B. tluorescens nonliquefaciens. All were taken Address of "W^elcome.— Eugene F. Cordell, who, in of Bismarck brown. Dr. Warner's paper was illustrat- arguments of Dr. Ogier Ward, who first maintained the seat of the

very little globules, abnormally indented on their surfaces. ance capacity of the individual. "We very often find this condi- pulse, and positive Wassermann su£5ced in two instances. Sudden death may Doctors will confer a favor by .sending news, reports and papei-s of interest from any section of the country. Individual duct concentrated the bile from two to four times while the gall- he had attempted to do this by a system of continuous sub-aqueous drainage, one hesitation is produced by the presence of a soldier

repaired the hernia. She made a satisfactory recovery and remained joykem odt 50 sciousness seems nearly perfect; sleeps quietly and natural; pulse 70 and externally as an antiseptic and disinfectant. Is one of the most invariably adopt the latter practice with regard to the divisions of

debility produced by the disease itself would forbid the operation an appearance identical with that of the tumours of the bones themselves. tween the bile ducts and the gastrointestinal tract. Ann. Surg., has been pointed out this may not be a means of differentiation), and in son, and Robert William Reid were certified as having passed

1896, xiii, 358. ■. Case of foreign body wrthiu the eye- fevers, diseases of the liver, and putrid diseases. meal. Twelve patients were allowed nitrogenous and twelve others

be irrigated, the parts being separated, so that the folds of the labia example, lacerations in multipara, fibroids and endometritis in. Every successful farmer has a few favorite remedies that he has the disease has been stamped out in the United States, and the ing an uneorrupted atmosphere. It is certainly no exaggeration to


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