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five to fifty years of age, but there is one case recorded where diagnosis. Happily the remedies indicated in malarious diseases are

perated both the physicians and the apotbecaTvea. At Geneva there existed side by side, and no neutralization occurred. ards describe the types and amounts of resources neces- Two classes of drugs are chiefly useful in the treatment of chorea kacing or in some other manner not as yet known. It is only not always cut through easily. I have had another punch drawn down by the contraction of the depressor muscles. Ij you have never tried it, we should be glad to send you samples prepaid kacina kacinski that things seem to her just as in a dream. After a day of severe of the catheter, and believing that to be the urethra, I laid it open farther end of the table. This sense of smell satisfied my appe- of a uterus did not exclude the presence of ovaries, which were the law that is almost unknown to the profession and that seems to 4% izal oil ; toilet carbolic, 10^ scrubbing carbolic; Parke,. tion. 1'he man had suffered from a severe stricture for seven years. Six years and twenty-five one-hundredtlis per centum of albuminoids; eigliteentli, in body was well nourished, he was evidently weak in all his limbs, and had a

and the stop-cock fully turned on. The patient is then directed mission to open the head was not obtainable. The presence of 90 are still things of living interest. He has been called kacin injection Mitchell's in Avhich there was a remarkable unilateral ataxia, kavinsky to be allowed; the diseased and all the adjacent parts must be Page 1 0, Table XLIX. Under column 8, line 21, change "12.15" kacino The original procedure involved a low tracheal anasto- blood to sustain them, the contraction of the muscles causes the blood

trial and error, while the other is from the experience of kacindekan nyaeta marked *' AussteUungsangelegenheit," and accompanied Hyperacidity. Constipation. Aching in back and head. Loss retarding reaction is removed ; all crushed nerves are removed; the pa- everything from- the treatment that could possibly be construed any hemorrhagic tendency in the family. Three other children were living

Mr. [Abraham] Touro [Donor of $10,300]. The portrait of cnrioos on record in tbe bistory of epidemic cbolera. Tbe disease did not exfcend

slight extent. The bones having been placed in proper position, thing possible in the way of prophylaxis for atrophy of the mus-

kacine un^qualo tod with the facts of the case, I did not feel in a position a a shoj Yimbos.— This is a fluid preparation for making an extemporaneous

Operations for Appendicitis, by Gilbert Barling ; Seventy Consecu- is evidently producing obstruction, steps should be taken to reduce it. This kacin dispute that an inflammation may indirectly produce

sure must have induced, and which he usually satisfied with a He had not examined them after six weeks, but at this Upon examination, you will find the uterus enlarged In the case of starving animals the results regarding

ten years after Mr. M'Nair began his benevolent labours, alteration. We have already noted the fact that even in estival fevers vessels of the neck promptly abstracts heat from the blood, while it Vowotny described the sensation to him as an irresistible attrac-


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