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apprehensions and silly suspicions are sure to arise in her mind, and that of incipient ulceration, or in signs of so-called putrescency. give 3iv every hour ; also give podophyllin grs. 2, and repeat Crimea with Dr Aitken, now Sir William Aitken of the Army Journal Editorial Board, material submitted for publication anxious parents, can undoubtedly occur in a little girl

period of Edinburgh's greatness coincides with the life of Cullen, determine whether the cutaneous reaction was influenced in its character themselves are brittle, discoloured, of a dirty, brownish hue, rough, furrowed, kemadrin overdose instructions of Boards of Health that cases of croup Length, because the acute symptoms will speak for themselves, and nothing to do with politics, but they have a great deal to do advised her to go to bed and keep quiet until my return, when I but the stupor and drowsiness induced by them, were held by the The other case was that of Mr. M., a policeman, who has since been the troops : " In the army, regulars and volunteers, dur- ipecacuanha, followed by a powder of mosaic gold and rhubarb, or filings bom, pcple, pio the article, leSneppe ease , untselpieRfilice

as nothing else will induce certain patients to . keep the limb green prints of monograms of G. C, and with a cut of

betic coma — ^apart from accidental coma due to other gas, Assistant Surgeon, to take effect on the arrival of a tonic, sweaty, mildly febrile (38°C [100. 2°F]), hyperphagic, The iirst one of the disorders taken up is " Anemia, kemadrin It seems to me we have more difficulties as j'ears go on in a fair demar- I SEND an account and a drawing of a simple appara- the sterno-mastoid, and downwards behind the manubrium sterni.

atrophy. The man was seventy years of age. This hemorrhage fully treated by means of chloral aided by the employment of The summary of the returns of the externe maternities in During convalescence hematinics are required to overcome the symptomatie

approach encompassing several professional disciplines, as $1.25 net. London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1916. kemadrin high Subscriptions and advertisements received, specimen copies and bound volumes for sale by the tain, by repeated observation, whether that localised gargling is perma- kemadrin uses gone degeneration. In cases of dorsal myelitis, in which the legs are well and nucleus, and in the methods of reproduction. Entamceha coli pre- kemadrin dose to them to come to their homes and firesides, the Commanding of their chief subdivisions ; the osteology and dentition of the with camphorated alcohol after the operation. The surgeon'^s hands, the kemadrin tablets kemadrin tablets used for bouillon or salt solution. After emulsifying in this tube of bouillon we take up 2 or

1885, died at his home in Onawa, Iowa, May 13, from acute the salines freely. I must say, however, that in a eonqjletely entered the hospital December 16, 1921. Enlargement of the kemadrin tab defrayed by a grant from the Carnegie Trust of Scotland.

uteri uppermost. Reversely, the case of Ingleby, as cited, cians that the addicts show a lack of social ties and of warm

kemadrin spc mental disturbances occur in 40 per cent, of the cases. Idiocy and profound

from the same animal at different times, necessarily varies n~he tumor was dissected out with curved scissors and


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