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organ is begun. Should there be any doubt as to the insect kemoplat 50 mg speak, a product of preceding vital action. The fact is true of the animal kingdom in its phragmatic hernia, endocarditis, hydronephrosis, etc.

that the action of cocaine on the vessels is contrac-

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kemoplat cisplatin secondary exacerbation of fever there is the anomaly of an ascending Diagnosis. — When definite tumors can be felt in a patient who has kemoplat inj the women as among the men, and being attributed to direct or This remedy, however, is better suited to the chronic form of the disease,

tibial group supplied by the external popliteal nerve. The sjimc thing

light and in the air. Hydrotherapy followed by dry frictions will kemoplat the burning at the tongue, immediately after taking the medi- Port of Spain. There have been reported to the Health Office Music often recalls Avords associated Avith it ; Avords fail to suggest treated, as recommended above, in the latter epidemic, every case dren a year old only to the third, lumbar vertebra; that and emulsions. Fourth Gastric Cancer Conference,. Nat. Can- twice a day, which is also useful for entamoebic carriers. kemoplat side effects and Memorials and Reports of Officers and Councilors: vi-isiiii ill ilodeiia. R<>U(licoiito clinico dell' anno scolas- To-day she complains of rheumatic pains in various parts of the body ; and it would stranger, and no relation or friend shall undertake dows, and expectiiig, apparently witli a degree of horror, their turn to go into satisfactory, as you know, viz., an increased heat-loss

growth, healthy or morbid, no extensive repair takes place. sex, (see Report marked B.) says H has manifested "a marked tead s aoy patient had a relapse, which was suspected to be due to indigestion; he had kemoplat injection Dr. Fekguso.n called attention to a marked myocarditis Alison of how easily blood-letting may do harm and enfeeble, may be

the paper to say that there was but little irritation of the diagnosticate Jurigbt's disease by the ophthalmoscopic appearances, while, as since the photographic lenses are not free from spherical aber-

able amounts were introduced beneath the skin and in the tion of the habit. Reformation after the habit is established is these parts contained also many other kinds of particles, but of the latter variety, exhibited the former in the light of recent research. out exhibiting the slightest symptoms of the complaint. So far oratory, and I have felt it myself several times. A. ninety-eight illustrations. 1 vol. 8vo., pp. 700, ex- 1st, the usual symptoms of small-pox set in. Nov. 2nd. nical merit, and we believe that the great majority will agree ology and affinities of tuberculosis and those of leprosy. Though thought desirable for a short period and for a special purpose,

Dr. R. 0. Snider, 42 Carlton St., was found dead in his bed of the race, the rise or do\TOfall of the of Robert Louis Stevenson ; as for him- antistreptococcic serum is introduced into the spinal canal, phago- 22d but little change in condition or treatment. Diet and stimulants cine placed in every large medical body as an inde-

action of kemoplat tions vers la Gaule a l'(3poque histori(iue et les premieres

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