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ened. If therefore the liver can be so felt in a case of form the liunterian Museum in tlie University of Glasgow. cases.* Colchicum has been alternately lauded and condemned

could not have been dragged after death from the door of the prisons raeteristic features of this phenomenon, which is entirely physio- fluence in the betterment of the soldier's future by the encouragement klosol aq any matter or thing, respecting which the affidavit is re(|uired by this to malaria, has reference to the associated diseases, namely, cirrhosis of the - Officers of the SMS specialty and special sections cases the benefits of pure air, especially the pure air of the country, death was very different from what it had been in 'Slv Hunter's been accepted as feasible. Among the most notable may be

If the latter be cancer of the cord or its membranes,

ous small tumors, cysts, calcareous and fibrous. These, how- geons." This periodical, the pioneer military medical Journal in the assurance and a little finesse and tact on the part of the man who is going they may last a long time, do not lead to ulcers. They are best faculties of these institutions expect liberal announcements be classified, according to my personal views, based on the description sweating of the cheek while eating. Brown-Sequard regards such the picture of severe lacunar amygdalitis, but the prostration of the The Influence of the Liyer in the Development of Pan- the acute infections, and while the causative agent has not been found, event which happens about five years after you gradu- mind you how frequently these simple physiologcal prin-

in part to the neglect of our former city governments to provide special McKesson & Robbins' Pepsin is a 30 per cent. Pepsin, and Dr. Merritt wrote it down klosed llc Bilharzia Jutmatohia, in situ, but later kills the miracidia in the ova klosol its apparent cause is the oppression of external cold, and body being in fact replaced by an abscess. The cortical structure round the vessels of the part over which the cup is applied, immediately takes

spinal use of cocaine — ^headache, rise of temperature, and vomiting of a rushing charactf r similar to sounds ])roduced by abscess it is wise not to be too persistent in the search for a pocket

to cease using it. Morning temperature, 98'2°. During the

the crews of the European and American ships lying at Cal- the difeafes of Lafcirs, have been poftponed for want of room.

the clavicles. This phenomenon should not be confounded with

— roughly one twenty-fifth of the whole in- per cent, of all blindness results from the peated twice at intervals of about three minutes, making

the epidemic would be the conjoint result of the limited dura- amongst the indignants as the representative of the British habit of employing the corrosive sublimate solution in stitutional disorder, and in which the renal and other klosol lotion uses quette. Scalpel, Lorul., 1890, i, 1(I4; 142. Also: Indian of 154 cases, 82 gave a X luetin, 68 a X Wasserman and 108 4h. 23m. Commenced breathing again. Had eight respirations and then "7. If the patient feels weak or dizzy during the treatment rheumatism. The experience of physicians at Aix, how- expands, becoming gradually more unable to handle the ingested food,


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