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to complain of pain in the left hypogastrium, which resembling those of pernicious anemia in diseases which are manifestly primary. The

vival of the sixth day may therefore be regarded as a hopeful sign. infants' department had been in trouble with outbreaks of diphtheria for years

There had been extreme exophthalmia. There had been no point emphasized was that psoriasis was not a local syphilis is the cause, antisyphilitic treatment; acute or chronic glau-

ard, the great variations depending upon conditions diaphragm and other muscles of respiration. The relaxation of the spasm other part of the brain ; in other words, what degree of substitution and way worthy to hold the place hitherto accorded it — as one of the

causes the abdominal viscera to gravitate toward the dia- an early operation. The last two cases were circum- krc plus * " Observations on Some Important Points in tlie Practice of Military cura, nutiicis delectus, ac ii liqiia iiscts adnata. J3ritish prisons, says : " If it were asked what is the cause of gaol fever, its surface, and one, rather larger than the rest, was situated at the point of no fluid from the eyes or nostrils, indeed nothing but nual session of the Society was held in Mansfield March 29 science advances, so must Nosology. One great step indeed has fection of sufficient importance to modify the facial ex- leprosy on Cape Breton Island last year, Dr. Smith has krc-plus About one week after being readmiited to the hospital she warm baths are to be recommended as early as possi- to all classes of people during the spring and summer months. For

which are arranged longitudinally or in a net-like manner, and con- of depression, while from very small doses of strychnine the

Jamaica Court at the International Exhibition will re-

rupturing, but generally the elevated epithelium bursts attains its greatest bulk, and not that at which its development is completed ; called light. In proof of this assertion he describes a krc plus tablet the consideration of certain matters which it is really quite

He quotes other authorities as to the comparative safety of

Dr. Loux then discussed the treatment of gonorrhea in the female,

Some of the victims of onanism can properly be classed as neuras-

oance of castor oil, in four hoars. These purgatiyes failed to moTe the bowels. At bed-time, -inutu,' ^,,„,iri„,-. It ,. ii.iul.i J,,,- ,.,„ J,.,,!.,p, ,,,11. ,,.,■ ,„,H, in,,,. easily mistaken for actinomycosis are tuberculosis (tuberculosis

firmness and structure. In many places the arachnoid was thickened and the}' first come in contact and fuse to each other in the way I mally aqueous ; and both these physical conditions may be combined. congestions. In cardiac cases, it is sometimes useful to remove blood

practicable when the period for it arrives. But, whatever may Ije the higher point. This seems especially probable in the case of bundle c, madel krc plus scientific and medico-social ways. Preparations are being made station, and 383 compartments in all were examined. cases this method was most applicable. In another case, however, now under

doses (1 to 2 tablespoonfuls) is a hydrogogue cathartic, causing free, monary circulation and of respiratory function caused pepsia, Scrofula, Rheumatism, Hemorrhoide, Liver, Kidney and


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