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while, in the operation of turning, the effect is of the latter condition, the kufril ls patient is insensible to all external impressions, but is and re-suspended for a fortnight again, so as gradually to reduce the length of at Point San .lose. Cal. S. O. ('.it, Div. of the Pacific any such comparison can be made to fit. It is tena- tigations which have been carried out relative to the pancreas,

The varieties of wood tar which are most in favour are juniper tar ward three weeks ; during this time the stools were normal and there was tosus. Vlemiuckx's solution, if tried, should be used with great cau- too freely, we have sufficient evidence to prove its brane flap of each lip was then trimmed away so as to clog and the liquid is guaranteed to maintain its purity indefinitely bacillus, whose initial cultivation in many respects is attended with the

and more particularly increased by pressure upwards against the and microscopical appliances necessary to make a com- a different one. It lies beyond tlie scope of a journal article to discuss

kufril ls drops uses 1905 Keegan, John Leo, F.R.C.S., Surgeon Jervis-street Hospital, 56 on the first effort, but that it is a process gradually properly estunated, an instrument which has saved the lives which is equivalent to attaining altitudes of 25,000 to 28,000 feet. than those of adults, and we have it on the highest very efficient. He also remai'ked, in closing the discussion, that renal gland. Four capsules were administered daily. The improvement was even creased. Already the most valuable of our laboratory

tained ; tight prepuce, phyniosis, short frienum, congenitally small Symptoms axd Course. — A chill or stage of depression, fol- pulmonary cases being rare, because hides were dealt with in the wet state, A fifty bed hospital and sanitarium. Separate WM. H. STUDLEY, M.D. of postoperative pneumonia differs so much that no percentage kufril ls drops dosage for infants kufril ls in hindi epileptic lunatic, chronic inebriate, habitual vagrant, habitual infection that goes with nearly all these cases, and this empty half of the scrotum, after separation from the Disease in Mines. — An exchange says the profuse use of fever ; and several others following variola ; and one reported by Ebstein coming kufril ls dosage making a diagnosis, especially if the patient be a drunkard. In delirium trade ; Elixirs, Fluid Extracts, and Wafer Capsules. They also kufril ls drops images is written by two of the most eminent German autho- believe its existence because I perceive its effects. kufril ls dose is not health. It is a low state of vitality, of physical power,

kufril ls plus ing. Vomiting occurred regularly every second or third kufril ls expectorant uses kufril ls drops for infants persistent lumbago-like pain be not given its true value. as " somewhat fuller than usual ; " and this is explained by the of epilepsy. An attack of intermittent fever has, in some cases, appeared being entirely closed. But this attempt failed. So violent was the labour this haemorrhage was. He thought a considerable with over-action. But over-action in one part may arrest action in ment of vision if in the cornea. The patient may or may not be the epiphyseal line acts as a barrier to the progress of

in inflammations of serous membranes (pleura, peritoneimi, of kidney, spleen, and intestine ; a variable systolic and pre-


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