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are in form of a number of needles lying close to each other, appearing

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or it may be that he recovers, and as consciousness is regained, the patient

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in ulceration and destruction of the nail, or it may remain as a chronic

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and as is often the case, benefit to the patient bears a direct ratio to

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•ally covered by a profuse cold sweat ; the tongue trembles, is cold and

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though the scars do not afterwards hamper their movements.

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. human beings, our answer must be a very guarded one.

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residence for their patients, in rhe country, reiiv)te from the businesn, the

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portion similar to that observed in other cases of fatal disease, not

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the cause of disease, hut in tbe innervation or nervous infloeoce itself;

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G. van Houtum claims to have isolated the specific bacillus of leprosy

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Melano-sarcomata illustrate, too, a fact in connection with the tissue

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protected, as it now is in Massachusetts and Connecticut. — A negro,

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so-called precaTicerous stage — in which inflammatory changes, such as

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Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is another disease for which syringomyelia

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instances of the secretion of milk from supernumerary nipples placed

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