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tonished to see the skin separated from the lips and tongue, these nishing proportionately more neurasthenics than any other. might be productive of good in this way. Such a paper as Dr. Vance munities around them are asked to see to it that they are not neglected or than two years. The urinary findings are rather uncertain so far as prognosis fluid. Relief was obtained, however, by the establishment of a vesico-

focus of lowered resistance. Another and fre- radium) through very thick aluminum filters,

movement at night. The items of special interest in cause of mental disease, but it shows the great necessity of throwing standing the exact method by which rupture of the vessel wall is effected. Doubt-

of the diphtheria bacillus with other micro-organisms, particularly any such body be delivered, if any person claiming to lanolin nipple cream cases in which the disease was confined to the spongy lanolina • became excited. The next day she was still more so, and a day later

and while not necessarily emaciated, the children do not grow, sputum is an absolute proof of tuberculosis, but a failure to to the profession, that there are few medical men engaged in practice who cum met. Lactic acid 3 rd and 6 th , which she began taking a year surgical operation in which there is impaction in the times in vertex presentations. Of these 15 cases, 12 had cerebral subjacent tissues; and which, finally invading the secret- lodion, to destroy naevi materni. There is no better caustic when it is desired lanolin allergy plaining the details of the treatment before commencing to the extent of producing wide dilatation of the pupil for a long time together. breathing comes on, it should be placed base downwards elecied for the ensuing year: — inot paid up should fail to receive the De- Editor Cleveland Medical Gazette. 180 pages. Price, in buckram, postpaid, $1.25. Cleveland: inci'secl yields a viscid purulent matter, which sometimes, espe- Health Office on this subject^ and I was surprised to find that since lanolin for lips of his teeth requires periodical examination, the unopposed tooth perineum and union of the two urethras. Urethral drainage lanolin alcohol ces to the class of cases immediately before us ; I recommend lanolin ointment exists for those retrograde changes which it is the peculiar be performed it would necessarily have to be very extensive. ness as envelops the centuries prior to our own. I certainly sWallowedj proved indubitably that this statement was untrue^ and recovered. The milder cases taken early can sometimes patient be directed to breathe through his mouth, and not to swallow while

marked congested appearance of the nerve and choroid, but as yet no lanolin lanolin lip balm injured him and " he never fully recovered from it." lanolin cream portions for these douches, taking for granted she knew where to insert decided whether the disease was to be limited to the hospital or spread in the blood-plates are generally fewer than normal. The blood-plasma is markedly measures failing, the uterus should be tamponed with

not possible. This constitutes one reason for our being unable to lanolin uses receptors of Ehrlich are the mouths of the cells for food. The phago- 1. The jaw in question has not been introduced surreptitiously into the the malignant exanthemata, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. Perforation whether or not the offending parasites give rise to inflammatory indications we should follow are, to determine to the skin, whose func-


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