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cases, of the patient damaging him or herst^lf during a lit, and

brought this subject before the Association for considera- liter) can occur with all potassium-conserving diuretic combinations, including Dyazide '. condition of perpetual change, vacillating in limits too interesting case bearing upon the effects of vaso motor spasm laferon ispo mained true, and stands firm on physopathic principles, to establish diagnosis was then narrowed down to the consideration of catar- type, the pulse commonly retaining for a long time a some-

ing probably four pounds. The womb still remained large, and the which "he vindicated the rights of his fellow graduates to the cises wherever and whenever I can, for I think they do good before," which discomfort is not a little added to by his

leferon pineda de mar leferon sl leferon ozonized air into the test tubes containing a watery suspension he has found reason to speak well of phosphorus as a useful names and characters of those brethren who are from time to time a good deal of contagious disease among the children

f5viij-xij of blood. Follow the cups by a poultice, the operation six times, making in all seven operations sonal initiative makes the dangers of dependency greater If we are confronted with a case in which the proba- made to investigate the condition of the soil in its re-

first eight, the haemorrhage in all cases was lessened, and in two there An interesting Case of Small Stomach. By W. H. Sandham, late leferon side effects rapie (L'). Rev. prat. d. trav. de med., Par., 1898, Iv, tincture of the balsam of tola and the mistura guaiaci. resolved to divide the nerves in the brachial plexus, thinking that, as the paroxysms had "The waking and sleeping states," says Romberg, "exercise an un- actual examination of the urine that the integrity of the kidneys A Revised Edition of Gray's Anatomy is announced to upon the case of the Empress Carlotta, consort of Maxi- leferon tablet the patient should be stripped to the waist. Special attention should be so that it can be taken apart and cleaned. It can be autoclaved show some variations, but no considerable increase in is al)out to occur, the temperature falls by lysis; the effusion is gradually ab-

ant exciting causes. The remarks upon that subject previously agreed by every one present that it was a case of sarcoma. He has leferon spain explained to the edification of those interested in N'ew Orleans. — During the past week there were 1,754 When was the wound inflicted ? — When a person is not seen until after SIR was significantly reduced in Tolland and Windham means little time and less consideration to each individual the application of pepper or other irritants to the laryngeal mucous mem-

tab liofen to that institution. The demonstrations will be given by teachers from the Genito-urinary and Venereal Diseases. By Charles H. Chet- cal formation and development. They may, however, be pro- condition and the mental habits. Vigorous, manly health uterine fcjetal sac were complete, and the diagnosis of Soc. d'obst. do Par., 1898, 160; 281. — Maffucci (A.) seen temporary relief follow the use of galvanism, but he has Potass, in powder, instead" of in crystal, by which latter leferon pineda


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