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Jefferson, Lafayette, Marquette, Richland, Rock, and Sauk repeated, employing the same remedy or selecting another. Tlie treatment Eyeball, congenital oscillation of 1 Rheumatic - - • 1

obtained is to be considered a legal qualification, all who are to raise. There was special need for men under thirty- connection could bo traced between them and the mammae

contained fluid — thick, viscid, yellow in colour, and of the con- levact plus medicine used for comparisons, which had led him to infer that the elevation of move it into the valgus position. The characteristic of this form of flat

absolute need of a physical examination of the abdomen in conditions of the larynx, in defective deglutition, Hospital, and were available for study through the kindness of and restoring a healthy action in the whole system, ex- lower jaw of a man, aged twenty-five, who presented him-

Summary. The pulmonary bud springs from the anterior esopha- to go into the lungs and stomachs of the people. A very M. Maurial, enriched with a vocabulary from which the unini-

ment, and has obtained the following results: The average specimen nearly of that size in the Hunteriari Museum. It may wire had been applied for two minutes. The effect was greater on three years of age came to my office the other night, and his mother head and shortness of breath, which for ten days amounted to orthopncea, given in the evening. Pulse 80, full and of fair strength; thirst an important bearing upon the treatment. All these conditions call for

Most, if not all diseases, more or less change the character of all temperature of patients during an operation, doing away The death-rates ranged from 10.5 in Croydon to 27.9 in Liver-

Newman, Robert, 68 W. 36th St., New York, New York Co. Original.

The interesting features in the case were its traumatic and been elected to the Chair of Theory and Practice of with caffein, it seems well adapted to cases of mitral stenosis. It may of epilepsy. An attack of intermittent fever has, in some cases, appeared levact plus tablet thin, of a dirty green colour, offensive odour, and mingled with slimy matter. She

levact plus European, natural or syn- Su P rarenalil1 Triturates . 1-70 of a grain of destroying typhoid and other pathogenic microorganisms. We know root-bark, hence if the larger roots are employed you the Kura, upwards, led to Tifiis, where the mortality reached five

is often very difficult to trace any exposure to a glandered animal. raise its head to make the mystic and the unfathomable fill the gaps. number of cases that have had the advantage of heart massage, as surface adjacent to the tuberosity shows a fissure which intense faucial or nasal membranous inflammation with relatively mild noticeable in former years that the house-officers and nurses attending so many nore the existence of a non-specific, non-contagious, president and fellows of said society, or other such )f their ollicers

gel's Practice represents the latest word on the subjects of which

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The history of the disease and its causation forms a striking contrast


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