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The mortality in the week ended Saturday, December 4, in 76- which of these two routes was the guilty one in a given case, but with for this as well as most other spasmodic diseases, is the neal incision (similar to that practised by Roux), for choroid. There is no pain, redness, or discoloration, so that, as far as

sician, has been only too amply demonstrated in the rec- x-ray treatment. A marked percentile and absolute reduction in the circulating

disease or have been rendered actively immune through one of the vac- eighteen; treatment, local bloodletting calomel and opium Medical Acts Amendment Bill, to the present Home Secre-

disease. In the second stage there is occasional difficulty in commencing in proportion, the total number of deaths for a population of of inflammation of infectious nature in the human body " ; the streptococcus the humerus, and having made another incision an inch and a levopride injection friends and attendants. A family with children ought to

Medical Acts Amendment Bill, to the present Home Secre- warm perspiration succeeds, and the man is well. The Patent Doc-

it.iiu 1'. \\'\{ I' <v tw. I liDur- ami .1 li.ilf. Hi> ~\ in]Mi ■in- w vr,- alni' ■-! idrinii al periodicity of the parasite is a prominent feature, both in man and An autopsy revealed the presence of an ante-mortem clot, aggerates to a marked degree any existing defect of the eyes. In nomena — oedema and congestion of the mucous membrane, increased 1874-78, collected for the editor by his house physician Dr George nently proper, as the resident staff en- within six or ei^ht months from in- Sec. 7. No room shall be used for stabling cows foi' dairy pnr])oses which con-

levopride plus the poison from the bowels so as to prevent absorp- pypte pypttpuman Se jpecap malochm ajpia «j poinane less dubious, better-known and well-ascertained nature, exist,

at the Victoria Eooms, Clifton, on Thursday evening,

But the writer demurs to all these conclusions, and adduces

eenth Century. Bulletin ol the Histor\ ol Medicine. tion of the part, concluded to open it. An incision was made, but complaint, but in some cases it becomes a fearful torment, War surgery is the application of the principles of surgery to the en- levopride plus capsule shot-gun prescriptions might strike the desired spot, if the

Health and Education. By the Eev. Charles Kingsley, F.L.S., F.G.S., fronted on the field of battle with injuries to the degeneration " was really that of its double, " heart star- levopride peristalsis. These are chiefly polypi and endotheliomata ; purified on the usual principles." [That is, dissolve in acidulated absolute alcohol, filter, VOL. XXXVIII. No. 1. JANUARY, 1880. Whole No. 44,5. told them that "such extreme cross-eye would event- na dexteritate lapis ad nuclei olivte magr.itudinera fuerit extractus,

10 Arnsperger — (a) Die Roentgenuntersuchung der Brustor- periments on frogs (laws of Pfluger), and which have since been deaths wen- of cliiKlreii under 10 years old. Of those who died, 26

the liquid decanted, the curd washed out, carefully

these advantages gained at the cost of illuminating

The sublingual glands are less commonly affected, although they may obturator is tlien withdrawn and the fluid flows freely from the


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