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of the land ever since 1S.53, is to rule henceforth with in-

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the pupil in a training school. Of all women, few are

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have ycur labor for your pains, — it will be rubbed off three times out of

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der the charge of teachers specially qualified for the

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Fyffe,- of Clifton, discusses the impetigo met with amongst football

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muscle, cannot be recognized ; but there is marked pulsation In this situation,

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A portion of the sixth rib, about mid-way between its two

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immediately after death with the following results:

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as in other types of renal albuminuria. Nevertheless, casts may be absent

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milky emulsion when mixed with water. It is sometimes called creso-

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kidney. It was not always easy to detect a mobile kidney, and

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the strands of catgut. The other features of the dressing per-

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same muscle several times in succession. In the latter case the clonic spasm

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one, but it could not be ascertained that any of them led t»

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Traumatic pneumonia is an inflammation set up by any injury to

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to the etiology and management of the disease. Those of you who have

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agent, and they should be administered through the long rectal

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Progress in our Profession." He said the valor, the pru-

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can a treatment through which the patient (and to some extent

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clinic in Germany, one is impressed with the difiBculty in ascertaining

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morbid product which is the efficient agent in the communication of a

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are discharged by expectoration, vomiting, or stool, is established by the

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are more numerous than those at the wrist. On percussion the cardiac dulness

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peritoneum in the immcdiale vicinity ol tiu; tiuter

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Massachusetts General Hospital. — A. K. Stone, M.D.,

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almost constantly, especially at the oul'set, either

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inflammatory mass goes. But do all the advocates of tubs 1

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Ductus Omphalo-entericus Persistens. — Dr. Sara Welt

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highly praised, and much relied on in the treatment of

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tance to such researches as these. I also regret that they have not so far

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intermediate zone of slighter affection separates the healthy from the

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the Los Angeles County Hospital shows that while 7.3 per cent, of


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