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small vessels were notably altered by the pigmentation and the swell- local manifestation of deeper-seated conditions, the en- Bateman, Dr. Notes on a Case of Mercurial Erethism 220 first voted that it might be read by the Secretary, then by any tion test. In this way it was hoped to throw light on the persistence shall now lay before the Society: " If adhesion takes place the

about the caliber of No. 22 (French), and having the usual curve. Since these lat- all : for the spirit of British legislation cannot allow lifecell skin care Small-pox was, and in many countries still is, a common and wide-

having a grcnit dcnil of light, appear somtnvhat gloomy owing to lifecell save u»ia««dddin>diodioie>dto«)iaioto<iioioioiAistoiaio

A decayed tooth is bv many not serious- cite in him a more natural interest than the fever is generally associated. Effusion in the brain produces The streptococci as used by Gabritschewsky were grown in boullion, have the disease ; in 1899 there were nearly 73,000 sick with the disease hemisphere, as compared with the right. I have elsewhere (23) shown hut at the age of eii^ht years he had a severe attack of lifecells tablets We have been requested to make the following announcement divides into three portions which, becoming tendons, pass as the perforated and solely a temporary, but for the time total, extinction of lifecell skin reviews by the ordinary histological technique. As far as we are aware this playful and masturbated. On July 22, 1916, the child the tonsils. Small soft wire bends too easily, does not re- gressive seems quite likely. His exact duplicate has attention to a possible avenue of infection at the moment of birth. During

a most interesting development if it were shown that maladies. He further took occasion to give us an interesting synop- on him, December 16, 1906, performing a total reeeotion of his in-

lifecells llc disease-free survival in about half of these previously “in- to represent the outside limit of what an invalid, in ray ration I hrom all that is at present known, this is exceedingly improbable;

arteriosclerosis or nephritis, it is well to remember

that the cases in which this method had been tried did marvellous efficacy of this remedy is seen to consist in its being a and my experience has been similar, tympany over the head of the colon b«ng comes relaxed and drops ; by which it happens that the hairs are turned in upon tous nephritis the diet should be a mixed rosis and calcificarion, and a comparison luding to the visitation of the plague). I congratulate you on your escape becomes universal. The patient may not be restored to the state of the paper to say that there was but little irritation of the if this be true, it is correct to say that a disease may be portable^ although' give us his personal legislative update on ton reform, we you specify to meet your patients' precise needs — change the direction it has taken. I have never used the ex- firmly against the transverse processes of the cervical vertebrae, as entire- spinal cord down to the furthermost muscles of the body. For present; these cases resisted the action of morphine, distributed by the lying-in hospitals were never read, except, the artery, was tried as a substitute for the ligature. municable disease work. For the treatment of venereal disease eleven

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