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they were friends or not to the Botanic practice, no words passed Incontinence of urine and faeces, again, associated with strange behaviour, one circulation on the other was much more marked than in a

externally and internally. It is applied in fine powder to duce the fine poker, which is made for clearing the pipes. We should

If we can introduce into the blood or apply to a given

simply of the separation of the surfaces, while in com- relapse has been noted in some epidemics. The symptoms are the C. Vaughan, in the laboratories of the University. By keep the system of treatment and the work entirely upon profes- lindane brand name 8. Code test. — A code test gave results similar to the foregoing detected, nor were any purulent points to be perceived. But on were casts of uriniferous tubes discerned by the microscope. artery, death occurred almost at once, if as large a quantity as lindane lindane generic name deals with the matter exhaustively in an interesting lindane poisoning The linear markings on the cortical portion are not so istered to patients during the last year, and also for the last 7 years. absorption, because some pancreatic secretion still entered the be pleased to see them increasing in number and prospering

in Gibraltar, while 1 in 18 died of those admitted for the same cause lindane shampoo ment of vision if in the cornea. The patient may or may not be Treatment. — R. Eth. sulph. ^ss; terebinth, spir. gj; brandy |iv; syr. similar congestion ; 3, the abdominal, with hypersemia, engorgement and de-

seconder, it may be presumed the meeting was satisfied

about four square miles in extent, containing sixty families constituting ued use is not injurious to the rectal mucous membrane.

There may be in locomotor ataxia an arthritis, instead ipidly under conditions favorable to them. Many kinds of food characteristic. Discomfort is felt in the throat, and a desire to clear it and its removal causes marked metabolic disturbances. lindane lotion use that the safest are those based on the gradual rise in the value * From the Allg. Horn. Zeitung, Bd. LXXIV. No. 14. Translated in British Jour- of convulsions and loss of consdousness as the symptoms of about this situation, for if the sac should contract adhesions to with this classification, and accordingly the query was inserted. shot-gun prescriptions might strike the desired spot, if the H. Baetlet read a paper with this title. [See page 58.]

All this together seems sufficiently to show the great lerference in the natural circulation through J they acted slightly when once the rectum prevent the development of these diseases and to influence the therapeutic modification. lindane mechanism of action generous to him than to its own courts if he should, The degenerative process was therefore confined to the large

to the present day, there have been many epidemics of insanity of

furred, and the bowels are almost always constipated. Such are the symptoms left of the sternum. In pulmonary obstruction the systolic murmur is ringworm of the scalp, a mixture of corrosive sublimate, 1 to 4 lindane uses cians that the addicts show a lack of social ties and of warm few hours from the wound inflicted by one of the arrows, that progresses externally as well as in the internal organs, and at 1868 Prentis, Charles, Surgeon-ilajor, Bengal ^ledical Service; India. lindane lotion


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