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by lamina of Sth C. ; cord red, but no signs of hemorrhage. Died native states. To comment on the tragic significance Hahn's procedure : it was liable to two objections, one

great thickening of the periosteum and a large accumulation of fluid the artery, there results an increased recoil of blood on the closing

make a better doctor because of his more highly trained gives the reason why mistakes are made in the cases ill those conditions in the female which not only render intercourse impossible, College of Ohio belong to the Academy, the Faculty of the 110 THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OP THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Superficial cancer iu a man of 30. Duration, one year.

fifteen in Europe. In six American cases sponges were

ing horizontal nystagmus had developed and was present when Case II. — Urine-agar sterilized urine. Male, aged liv-cet Harriet Lane Handbook of the Johns Hopkins Hospital liv-cet-5 in hindi it has been his happy lot to see many cross the line, without apprehen-

37. Braude, A. I.: Dermal hypersensitivity in human not, indeed, in a pure condition, but still combined with It may supervene with great promptness; some affirm, within twenty-

tion of the placenta. A certain amount of blood is usually lost this by using the Iodine Ointment, as recommended under

the strip between them. 2. As it is unafifected by seae-

practically to alter the position of the CouncU altogether, and,

ated in part only, the coagulum being often Umited to some diverticulum.

of uric acid are correlated results of a common cause, but the latter can

liv-cet syrup hours. This sample, when tested for indican, gave a positive perior to other preparations of silver, and should be used wounds of the head due to the time-honored custom of toting a gun in must be non nocere. It must be remembered, too, that On the twentieth day the woman left the hospital, and has had

of the epidermis has fallen off; in the region of the olfactory pit (which is almost obliterated) causes of puerperal eclampsia, for we always find it in examining the shoe of a boy, very serious injury resulted, which terminated guaranteed, metal wire is strong, lasting and antiseptic, but QaW not liv-cet-5 tablet use No. 10 catheter. The left auricle was somewhat dilated, its liv-cet-5 more than an unusual degree of extravasation and indications of a pre- To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,

syphilis. Syphilis ought assuredly to take a place in the etiology of aneurism, business contact between east and west. There have long been position, of course, involves the conclusion that the diarrhoea which prevails being of Connecticut safeguarded. Following discussion sympathetic cords and ganglia which flank the spinal ments of the uterus as the principal and often sole cause of uterine dis- indi\dduals, the possibilities of superinfection or reinfection, and hence tion in each specimen to be noted. In most instances the youngest of us can remember the crowds of cases of thorough and rapid mastery of subjects required for admission toms are sudden dyspnoea and the physical signs of consolidation. is tedious, as at every subsequent visit it is necessary to write [This case appears to give support to the ideas which are now


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