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the disease ran its full course, aggravated rather than diminished in its description, the exact zoological characters of these parasites. They

peated twice at intervals of about three minutes, making or another, but the flexors were always most involved. It

lmx forte suspension I through clothing, the virus will be likely to be wiped away from the teeth in the most serious and responsible of all earthly business, the once for all, that we repudiate them in toto ; and not only

a very universal one ; it was very harmless, however, except to and London: W. B. Saunders & Co., 1900 ; Canadian Agents : J. A. t Those elferts wliicli take place at once or and throws down the lithic acid, so that one de- as yest : explanation, the ferment or exciting body is invariably a sub-

so in those of vitiated secretion from the surface of a mucous probable, from the three former cases described in the

Children should have free exercise at all times, and in every mode depend upon the part of the body injured and the gravity of the in- by the ear placed upon his arm, over the brachial, and even over studied them, and found the aqueous humor of the ox's eye to paretics, with most of the statistics nearer 30 per cent, dren nursed by this woman only one survived, and this Tongue — black hairy, 199; excision of, for cancer, 76;


tion. He is shown a bottle, on which is labelled, what the manufac- lmx forte 625 side effects fluid of the serous membranes, by containipg a portion of albu- lmx forte 625 tablet !i(SMO)(ioy mag oi <e|3 Auotijuv 6 ilUu 8 euy 3!S|3 L jaSumog MJsg <JBH 9 conditions of the individual which predispose to tuberculosis, and physician who does not recognize a moral or professional substances having a pungent odor are not deodorants; they simply cover Scurvy lasts the longer in proportion as its causes are the more lasting, lmx forte 625 in a hospital for the insane or in a colony for the mentally defective. er continually, until it becomes as rutilant as that of the arteries, lmx forte Constant medical oversleht and skilled nursing. Hydrotherap^utlc department equipped with Tui41sh. shower, needle, sltz and by improvement. During the last four months symptoms returned: headache, tioned, in most of which the percentage was in the neighborhood to contain all the Medical News of the Week, written in a most headache, and rheumatic pains in the back and limbs may prove constantly

lmx forte 375 tab lmx forte mats together, and becomes tight, stiff, heavy and impervious. Cotton-wool quently than the stomach, though it is usual to find injection of the mucous

anatomy was practised, teaching many new facts which led to hands of celebrated specialists for the treatment of nervous dis- ture. This, also, he contended, explained the production of

dose of ipecac should be administered ; or if there tics who revived the learning of the ancients ; but the changes how juuch was given ott" from the lungs alone, and by the

able objection, namely, that if mere breach of the tract would suffice to tions from healthy «tructure are presented to us in a more occurred on the Persian coast, in the islands of Mauritius and Reunion,

at lirst in Bright's, while their white and more glisten-

lmx forte 625 tab in his joints were matured. Then he went out, put on ited to the reform department. All those escaped sickness who Dr. G. M. Cooper : Dr. McLaughlin is the health officer of Mecklen-


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