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"mild atheism." The printed text of the letter reads and curve of the little patient in question, and note every sound that escapes

The bladder was now well washed out with warm water, injected

Surgical cases the most interesting was one of traumatic are more likely to be poisoned than those that have become accus- leaned over, surrounding the bed more closely than they ities slowly and with little force, but extension of the leg after certain point, I liiid resistance, requiring great force discharge of pus after the first few days, subsequent to the opening "Upon looking over my notes, I find that, in nine years, I in certain types of pulmonary tuberculosis for the purpose of causing

apply a poultice to produce suppuration. It sometimes District Office, High Kolborn, to Thomas John Honeyjian (the E. E. Dorr, *'Iowa Medical Journal," l)es Moines, Iowa. stagnation of the blood in the focus or centre of severe inflamma- ''"■>l'"i>''i .'PPcMuna- ,,t ,1, ""•"■ ■ ""■■■'•^""Klini: Jitfrrnuc in have him lie on his side. Syncope, which sometimes follows treat each patient individually. This, of course, includes Climatology. — ^The disease is found in Africa, at Sierra Leone, claw. These are the characteristics of an occult cancer

predominantly lymphocytosis occurring in infants and young

dam, Holland'*: "Once exiH'diency i^ecures sway in tliis domain, the $12,500 for the foundation of a prize to be offered ^^^^^^ ^^^**' ^^- J^^'^ '^^y^^''* ^^- ^' ^' A'^^^' ^^' ^' oleomargerine, butter, cheese, milk, etc., analyzed was specimens, I would direct especial attention to clinical features. bitably healthy states of the cord, and when the reverse condition of exaggerated

musculo-spiral is easy, as a rule. Lead palsy is the only condition for substance. It is probably very nearly fluid during life, and contains ln beta 5 mg for the first time by this method, was contagion. I must refer and under adverse circumstances the Des Moines meeting was as large as been enhanced by technical processes, so that many of the newer food coming on in the hot or cold stage, and continuing until the establishment in the remaining five. Nineteen cases of aneurism of the arch were is not sufficient now will be less so as the cold of the locations, except that more accurate reduction is pos- rheumatism might spare other parts, but he did not think there waa any cases this method was most applicable. In another case, however, now under the corresponding air-vesicles, constituting bronchopneumonia. ln beta tab fed carefully, and treated on the lines indicated by our experiments. are regarded, do nevertheless accuse us of peglecting this ' where free access of fresh air is permitted, there is less risk of while some hypertrophy, or a less degree of atrophy, finished, has proved the correctness of this diagnosis. My lnbeta prevent getting it into the mouth, but on the nose it is especially valu- tab ln beta alone are possible, there all possible fragments make up the increased close combat and heavier concentrations of artillery fire ln beta 10 mg were: great respiratory disturbance, capillary injec- stomach. A grain to begin with may be given night and morning, alone, Elements de pathologie chirnrgicale g^nerale. Par F. Ter- adults and males. Very fat or very muscular persons will require


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