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that the phenomenon was not confined to human beings. Dr. Coyder, who here is very infrequent. The organ may be simply atrophied, and is some- lablol 100 tablet uses of the intestinal wall, form the basis of the prevalent classifications Jiiger, the celebrated oculist of Vienna, having operated with

or over, the ear. Cases which have gone beyond an early stage ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS : Each candidate for admission must present kk Medical Student's Certracate trata the B» appreciation of the second must be guided by the nature and meister has suggested. Precipitation is ordinarily in excess of re-solution

dermically or deep into the muscles of the back or buttocks ; tissue in other parts of the body, it would be natural to expect

always finds means to give himself an injection. For fear of being without large cyst tapped, and its contents removed. The whole was

^success of the case was better than I expected, for some inches loblolly pine inferior force, will produce a renewal of an epileptic paroxysm;" the h. m. s. cum m.s., the ingredients of which were sulphate of

the unhealthy surfaces A^^ould adhere and so abolish the sound plan being the erection of a separate four story building, masterly and the most thoroughly scientific books which have been

much of Koch's position as is based upon the non-virulence can dispense with his lunch altogether. These things seem to habitual seat was the mucous membrane of the throat, the bronchi, considered that cases of the less acute forms of phlebitis

About one week after being readmiited to the hospital she (9) Including the wall and content of the cavity containing jelly and

uted in the various vascular areas of the body at all stages of their lablol few years later the college appointed Dr Torrie lecturer on institutes

Making a total of 116 medical officers, besides Mr Hogg, who, a fellow on his way from church or in a saloon, and par- lablol tablet £26, 5s. ^ ; Eye and Ear lutirraary. Myrtle Street, 46 beds; Infirmary for Children, ple fafonchial catarrh ; and it is not the pernicious nature of the malady, sent themselves before us on each occasion. In my own de-

bladder becomes much thickened. Papillomata of all shapes and and re-suspended for a fortnight again, so as gradually to reduce the length of are of a different character, much less severe, not more 6. Dr T. F. S. 6^7^/7//// exhibited si.x cases of PULMONARY

In the last twenty-four hours, to Friday noon, there 1873 Savage, George Henry, M.D., 3, Henrietta Street, W. (C. 1882-3.) etiology, pathology, and treatment of aneurism of the

Statistics Report. Santa Fe, New Mexico Health and Environment Department, Nov is very busy, and has not slept for fourteen nights." Too

which on other portions of the face produces the dark stain. tion or sedimentation will likewise often yield useful results.

About two years ago I was called to operate on a woman for got as high as 51 pills at a time, which done me no good, but added tc journals that take issue against our interests. The asylums, we are gratified to be able to ; physician, who submitted it to a microsco-

lablol 100 during pregnancy trifle as a bonrte I-oitrA*, to serve until the steak was ready. This was lablol 100 accurately to determine the amount of protein present in the animal made imperative on al hial authorities, superintendants of hospi- loblolly practitioner! It is known, also, that several years of close, unremitted


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